Young Living Essential Oil Review

Essential oils are very popular today. They can provide benefits for you in many different ways. But not all essential oils and companies are the same. So what does Young Living offer? Let me provide you with My Young Living Essential Oils Review.

 Young Living Essential Oils

What is Young Living Essential Oils?

When it comes to essential oils, Young Living happens to be the largest company in the world. They are home-based in Lehi Utah. Young Living sold almost $2 billion in revenue back in the year 2018.

16 partner farms and corporate farms are being operated over the entire planet. In fact, they have  more than 3,000 employees working in offices throughout 12 countries. Young Living also is represented by approximately 4 million distributors worldwide.

Here are some stats from 2018:

Young Living Stats 2018


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The MLM Business is Challenging to Profit From

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Young Living is selling a lot of essential oils. It’s all about the production process. The founder Gary Young is high on quality standards and control. But the process of distillation of the essential oil-based products is second to none and is the complete and substantially researched production process. While like with every other company, Young Living must adhere to not only independent testing, but strict requirements as well.

They are also the only company that offers the Seed to Seal production process. These farms are located in France, Oman, Ecuador, Peru, Utah, and Idaho. These farms use only the highest quality seeds that are planted, cultivated, tested, and go through the packaging process and these are the only farms that are associated with Young Living.

When you get to the “Can You Make Money with Young Living?” section below you will see that approximately 97% of all of their distributors are only making less than $500 per month (or less than $6,00 a year) in the income disclosure statement.

Are Young Living Essential Oils Products worth Their Price?

Young Living Essential Oils are rather expensive as you can see below:

Dragon Time Essential Oil Blend

I’m not saying that Young Living Essential Oils aren’t good products. I know that they can last long depending of course on how much you use it. I just feel that they may not be worth the price they list for.

The Young Living MLM Opportunity

This company is well known for an array of Young Living essential oils, Savvy Minerals, Slique Essence products, the Young Living Home Diffuser, as well as other essential oil-based products. There are many other personal health products available as well.

When you get to the “Can You Make Money with Young Living?” section below you will see that approximately 97% of all of their distributors are only making less than $500 per month (or less than $6,00 a year) in the income disclosure statement.

The toughest part of this business for most is recruiting your downline. That’s the way it is with any MLM company. Not many folks who try can cut it. It’s just a fact that statistics prove.

How Much Does it Cost to Join Young Living?

Tiered Starter Packages

You must start somewhere so the basic starter kit at $40 isn’t too bad. The tiers give you 3 choices so that’s a plus. The starter plus is $75. Again, not too bad. But the premium starter kit is $160! There are also additional add-ons to each package that improve your chances of selling. This increases your range of products and should as you’re laying out more money.

  • Basic Starter: $40
  • Basic Starter Plus: $75
  • Premium: $160

Each package kit contains all the basic starter resources, such as brochures, business cards and additional print resources that will educate consumers on the products that are offered through Young Living. The Premium Kit has various 5-ml samples that can demonstrate to potential clients. In addition, the “add-ons” contain samples of fragrances and other health products.

Young Living Membership Extras

With a good deal of MLM companies, members will receive additional benefits. The company offers the following extras to its membership base:

  • Company Support: New distributors are able to get training and support from leaders throughout the Young Living Community in their sales networks.
  • Compensation for long time and new distributors as well in their sales network.
  • Wholesale Pricing: When a distributor sells Young Living products at retail prices. they save almost 25%.
  • Exclusive Experiences and Essential Rewards: A Young Living Distributor is able to earn up to 20% with each order they place when they are enrolled in the Essential Rewards program.

Can You Make Money with Young Living?

As you can see the average distributor did not make much money at all. You have to stick with it and like any other MLM company, you must continually build up your down line.


Young Living 2018 Income Disclosure

Young Living Pros:

  • It’s easier for a new distributor to enter the marketplace because of the different tiers of starter kits and add-ons. There are also additional premiere starting kits that also differ from one another that will allow the distributor to specifically customize for their market.
  • Tiered Starter Packages for different choices for newbies.
  • Compensation plan has a lead generation built right into it. Distributors who build a solid sales network are compensated for the each one of the leads that they generate.
  • Seed to Seal Partner Farms
  • Membership Perks
  • Company track record of success.
  • Startup cost is reasonable.
  • Free products through the reward program.


Young Living Distributor


Young Living Cons:

  • Expensive Products- Young Living products are not cheap.
  • Low Commissions- Compensation should be higher. 8% is not enough to get out of bed for. Way too many products to sell. According to Young Living’s 2017 income disclosure statement,  one third of distributors are the lowest rank and only make an average of just over $300 yearly. In order to rise above this rank, you are looking at a year to get there.
  • Legal Issues: In a lawsuit, a chemist by the name of Robert Pappas had provided a deposition that some of the Young Living Essential Oils products had their labels read as “100% organic” when in fact they were found to contain synthetic products. In addition, three high ranking employees who were terminated, started their own company “doTerra” and were sued by Young Living for allegedly stealing Young Living’s “trade secrets.” Young Living lost this case and had to pay doTerra’s nearly $2 million in legal fees.
  • Just recently in 2019, a former Young Living member also sued with a class-action lawsuit that had to do with practicing “pyramid schemes.”
  • You have to sell a lot of product and build up your downline.
  • The effort you put in at first may only earn you up to $6,000 a year.

Is Young Living Worth Joining?

It depends. For some new distributors, it may be the right fit. But for others who can’t stay in MLM for the long haul, this may not be for you. You do have to spend a good deal of time and money and consistently work at building your downline.

Final Thoughts

In my Young Living Essential Oil Review, I’ve given you the facts about this company, its’ products, and possibilities of making money with it. I never liked MLM because there is a lot of work with recruiting your downline. You must sell a lot of products that I must say are rather expensive and that take a lot of time and your money to do so. There are much better ways to make money online.

There’s really only one way to legitimately make money online and this is my top recommendation for making money online and building a very successful internet business. Here you will receive the absolute best training anywhere, top notch support, numerous websites, and access to chat where fellow members are there 24/7 to help.

Young Living Essential Oils


Wholesale Pricing


Tiered Starter Packages


Company Support



  • Membership Perks
  • Startup cost is reasonable
  • Company track record of success


  • Expensive Products
  • Legal Issues, Lawsuits
  • Low Commissions

6 thoughts on “Young Living Essential Oil Review”

  1. Thank you for your honest review. You are not the only one who doesn’t like MLM business. I don’t like it too and I don’t think it is worth the stress involved in it.Searching and hustling for downlines is not an easy work. I rather stick with Wealthy Affiliate and build my online business properly than to join Young living or any other MLM company.

    • Hi Kenechi,

      You’re welcome! I just say what I believe. MLM companies involve so much time and money and having to build up your downline.

      While I feel that Young Living has nice products, I don’t feel that they are worth the price. If I wouldn’t buy them myself, then why would I expect others coming into the company to buy them?

      I agree with you that Wealthy Affiliate is a MUCH better choice when it come to making money online. This is a company that trains you and offers the best support.

      Thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. Hello, thanks for this wonderful review on young living essential oil. It’s really nice products they have. The young living membership extras are really cool as well, but just like you I don’t really like multi level Marketing because there is a lot of work with recruiting your downline which is my major limitation. Thanks for sharing anyways. 

    • Hello Sheddy,

      You’re welcome! Young Living does have some awesome products. One of my issues is that the products are expensive.

      Of course some folks do join and try to promote Young living, but for me MLM never works because the time and effort you put in is not worth what you get out of it.

      But I do like their products even those they are not cheap. My friend is a representative for Young Living and I get products from her cheaper.

      Thank you for stopping by 🙂

  3. The benefits of young living essential oil can’t be over emphasized as it works tremendously like a muster seed, the company is well recognized for their adequate products and they are well recognized all over the globe…this shows that their products speaks for them in the market place……. I believe after going through the article you have seen the immense benefit of using the young living essential oil…hope you get yours…

    Thanks for enlightening the public on its important…

    • Hey Evans 🙂

      Young Living essential oils are very good products. They have been around for quite some time.

      The oils are very beneficial for you. It’s one of the few essential oil companies I trust. 

      They carry a wide assortment of oils that provide benefits for many issues.

      My only problem is that I would not promote any MLM company and in this case the oils are a bit expensive as well.

      Thank you for your feedback!


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Profiting from MLM is Hard!

The MLM Business is Challenging to Profit From

See How I Earn Commissions from Home While Leaving My Friends Alone