Viral Dashboard Review – Content Marketing & Social Media

Viral Dashboard Review– Social Media plays a huge role in generating traffic, engaging the audience, and improves sales and leads. People make use of content & social media marketing for growing their business. Viral Dashboard is the one-stop console for social media management.

Viral Dashboard Review

It is the definitive content marketing and social media mechanization platform that simplifies the course of composing, planning, and publishing appealing content for huge traffic, engagement and sales.

Best Features of Viral Dashboard

Some of the prominent features of using a viral dashboard are as follows:

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1) Helps in Connecting All your Content in One Place – It allows a person to connect as many social media accounts as they want i.e. Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Twitter, and more. One can manage all their accounts by using a single dashboard. One can also connect with eCom stores i.e. WooCommerce, Dropshiply, Etsy, Shopify stores to plan product updates.

2) Allows you to Discover New and Engaging Content – One can easily discover and share engraining content by using the viral dashboard. It also allows you to curate articles from thousands of different sources across the web. It includes A.I content intelligence technology that helps in identifying that which type of content will make money even before posting on social media.

3) Help People in Composing Engaging Content – It allows users to compose engaging and unique content. It also helps in customizing your content. One can quickly check that whether their content will pass Facebook & Twitter’s text ratio requirements or not. We squeeze the content as per the standard and make it effectual without hours of manual job. The viral dashboard provides a facility to upload as many images or videos as you want. One can also access a complete library of compelling GIFs, popular quotes, visuals, memes, and more.

4) Contains Tools that Help in Managing all your Posts and Brands – The post manager feature of a viral dashboard allows its users to view and control all their published, queued, drafts, scheduled and to-be accepted posts in their dashboard. The brand manager feature can help in managing all your brands in one place.

5) Contains Powerful Spy Tools – Viral dashboard contains some of the powerful spy tools. It includes Youtube Video Finder, Facebook Interests’ Explorer, Scheduling and Publishing, Trend Hunter Spy, Publishes Everywhere, Select Your Social, Scheduling on the Go, In-Depth Tutorials, Tools that help in tracking traffic towards social media accounts, Priority Customer Support, and more.

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Viral Dashboard Best Features

How to Use Viral Dashboard

Viral Dashboard helps in generating cash-sucking content for you. It includes all the latest features and technologies that help make your business stand-out on social media within a couple of days. All you need to do is to manage the below-mentioned steps:

Step 1: First of all, you need to find the best content across different articles, videos, memes, GIFs, quotes, and images in one place.

Step 2: After this generate or reproduce riotously viral content with point-n-click ease.

Step 3: After this post the content on Instagram, Twitter, Linked In, YouTube, Facebook Pages, Shopify, Etsy, and WooCommerce using vial dashboard.

Pros and Cons of Viral Dashboard

Some of the prominent advantages and disadvantages of using Viral Dashboard are as follows:


  • The viral dashboard provides a great help in creating and sharing all your content on social media platforms in just 60 seconds
  • It allows you to explore your content marketing results
  • One can find the best content across articles, videos, GIF, meme, and quotes in one place
  • Allows you to improve your social posts with a built-in library of amazing images, and videos
  • It helps you in getting more followers on your social media accounts
  • Helps you in establishing your brand as an authority
  • Allows you to make a profit from affiliate sales


  • Excessive upsells

Who Should Use Viral Dashboard?

Viral Dashboard for Users
Viral Dashboard for Users
Viral Dashboard for Users

Viral Dashboard is perfect for a wide range of people. It is mostly helpful for Social Media Marketers, Business Owners, ECom Sellers, Digital Product Sellers, Affiliate Marketers, Consultants, and Brands. It helps the business owners in selling their products remotely using social media accounts.

It provides people an opportunity to post creative content on different social media platforms and grow their business with insights. The viral dashboard contains all the necessary tools and techniques that are helpful in making your brand popular among people.

It helps in displaying a good image of your brand in front of your clients and gets their attention. Digital product sellers can use a viral dashboard for combining the convention of social media & videos to produce power-packed campaigns that sell more.

In Conclusion

Viral Dashboard (Review) is the one-stop console for managing all your social media accounts. It is the ultimate content marketing and social media automation platform that helps in planning, composing, and publishing appealing content to get maximum traffic towards their business.

It is easy to set up and easy to use. It contains a lot of amazing functionalities and features that can help you in getting more client attention towards your business.

Now that I have provided you with my Viral Dashboard Review, it’s given you a chance to decide if Viral Dashboard is for you or not. BUT, I find that Wealthy Affiliate is a much better choice! It’s been around for over 15 years and has a proven track record for making money online as an affiliate marketer!

Viral Dashboard vs Wealthy Affiliate

It took me many years to find a program as good as my #1 recommendation. There isn’t a better way to try something as good as this recommendation without a big investment. You are provided with many tools, 2 free websites with hosting, the absolute best training anywhere and no better support 24/7.

In my opinion there’s no better way to make money online than my #1 recommendation. You can check it out for yourself in the comparison table below:

Viral Dashboard

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4 thoughts on “Viral Dashboard Review – Content Marketing & Social Media”

  1. Hi Rob
    Thanks for sharing your review on the Viral Dashboard Program. It seems to be a good social media automation platform that can connect me to various places with minimal efforts. High ticket upsells is the only drawback. The comparison which were given at the end it is quite interesting and it helped me to decide where to put my resources on. Thanks for your overall efforts.
    Thanks and regards,
    Gaurav Gaur

    • Hey Gaurav Gau, 

      You’re very welcome! The viral dashboard program can help you with social media in connecting you to various places.

      Yes see comparison chart that I provided at the end gives people a choice as to which program they would like to try. While the viral dashboard program may be able to help folks with social media, it’s nothing compared to wealthy affiliate as you can see in the comparison chart.

      And of course with anything, price is always a consideration. The negative here, of course is the high price of this product, especially in comparison to wealthy affiliate.

      Thank you for stopping by and giving your feedback. I appreciate it!

  2. When we get started online, we quickly realize one thing. That we need traffic. That we need to capture people’s attention. That’s not easy. But with tools such as Viral Dashboard, this is done easier.

    Thank you for also mentioning this other platform at the end of your post. It seems to be good.

    • Hi Ann 🙂

      There’s no doubt about it, the one in most important thing we need online is traffic.

      And we do need help with getting traffic to our website. Because without help people are not going to find us in the Viral dashboard can provide that help.

      And while this is a good program for helping content marketing social media, wealthy affiliate is an even better program which will help us get more than enough traffic.

      Wealthy affiliate is about the best program out there when it comes to online marketing.

      Thank you for sharing!


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