Tastefully Simple Review

We all love food, don’t we? Who doesn’t love anything that tastes good, right? On top of that, wouldn’t you be interested in making money as well? If you answered yes to these three questions, then I will provide enough information in my Tastefully Simple review for you to make a decision if it’s for you.

What Exactly is Tastefully Simple?

Tastefully Simple Desserts

If you love good tasting food, and want to make some money on the side, Tastefully Simple might be the company for you. The problem is the making money part might not be a walk in the park. We will get to that and I will tell you why.

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Tastefully Simple is a MLM company associated with the food industry. They provide specific gifts and gourmet foods as well. Jill Blashack Strahan is the CEO of this company and founded it back in the year 1995.

What Tastefully Simple has as a goal for their company is to give the best possible experiencing with tasting their food that is just simple and at the same time rewarding tastes for the palate. This converts into a hopefully successful business opportunity.

Each year Tastefully Simple has sales of $50-$100 million revenue worldwide. They are based out of Alexandria Minnesota. Food is an evergreen “niche” as they say because it will never become “obsolete.”

We have to eat, right? Foods such as these are tempting and delicious and that’s what Tastefully Simple offers for those with taste buds that crave delicious foods. Since the foods are easy to prepare and are irresistible, they are tasted and loved and will order again. “Rinse and repeat!”

Check out the Video for More About Tastefully Simple

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How does Tastefully Simple Work?

The products of Tastefully Simple are sold as most other MLM companies do and that’s through demonstrations with parties at their homes by independent distributors. They also sell their products at trade shows, online, and festivals.

You can become a Tastefully Simple consultant when joining the company. You must buy 1 of the 3 following kits to get started:

  • 1- 10-meal kit at $69.95 with the choice of Fix it Fast, Family Faves, or Easy Grillin.
  • 1- 30-meal kit that will run you $200.
  • Any other qualifying meal kit.

Tastefully Simple Consultant

The meal kit is the first requirement. The second requirement for becoming a first time consultant is that you must pay a “join fee” of $39.95. That’s a total of $309.90 + any other qualifying kit.

I don’t like MLM but that’s how this works. You must recruit others. As a consultant you can earn a commission of 30% on the items they do sell.

Here is what consultants can also earn as far as rewards if they host a party and sell a given abundance of Tastefully Simple products:

Tastefully Simple Host Rewards

Tastefully Simple Pros and Cons


  • Ability to earn free products
  • Upstanding DSA member
  • Variety of products
  • Multiple starter kit options


  • Website fee required
  • Parties are required
  • Products are consumed
  • Purchase minimums
  • You can be deactivated
  • Can be time-consuming
  • Marketing & sales training are limited
  • Relies heavily on recruiting ( That’s what MLM does)
  • Products are on the expensive side

Can You Make Money with Tastefully Simple?

While the products may taste great and are something you’d like to have, for the amount of money you must invest and time with parties, I don’t feel this is a worthwhile opportunity. I’m not saying it’s not for everyone, but if you’ve ever done a MLM business such as Mary Kay or Tupperware, it may not be your cup of tea either.

Final Thoughts

I tried to present enough information in my Tastefully Simple review for you to make a decision as to whether it may be for you or not. I would never have the time to do this business with what’s required both time wise and financially. There’s no actual proof of figures as far as how much an independent distributor makes. Also, there should be more when it comes to marketing and sales training. For me, this is a nay. There are other ways to make money online.

There’s really only one way to legitimately make money online and this is my #1 recommendation for making money online and building a truly successful internet business. Here you will receive the absolute best training anywhere, top notch support, numerous websites, and access to chat where fellow members are there 24/7 to help.


Tastefully Simple


Delicious products


Variety of products


Multiple starter kit options



  • Upstanding DSA member
  • Ability to earn free products


  • Relies heavily on recruiting
  • Parties are required
  • You can be deactivated
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10 thoughts on “Tastefully Simple Review”

  1. Hi Rob – I was open to this offer until I saw that parties are required.  If sales by internet only was allowed I might have been interested.  I am curious to know about the food offered.  Are they full course meals?  Are desserts included?  Just wondering in case someone I know might be interested.

    • Hey Nathaniel 🙂

      The food itself may be okay but I agree that having parties is a negative. Not only that you need to recruit others into your downline like any other MLM company.

      I don’t like when you have to lay out a lot of money upfront either. You would have to spend a lot of money and do a lot of work and I don’t feel Tastefully Simple is worth it.

      The fact is that Wealthy Affiliate is a much better opportunity to making money online.

      The meals and desserts are whatever you choose to buy. The full course meals are expensive too.

      Thanks for stopping by. I appreciate it 🙂

  2. Hello, Actually I need to tell its an informative review. Yes, you’re correct “we have to eat right”. If we didn’t who else look after our health. I think we are responsible for our life. We need to keep it in good condition. Honestly, I’m not interested in those starter kits. The very important part of this review is the pros and cons section. Thanks for the information.


    • Hi Janu 🙂

      Yes we do have to eat. And while these foods might taste great, there’s something to be had as far as making money with this program.

      Multi-level-marketing was never something that interested me because the times I did try it, I was never successful for making money recruiting others to do the same.

      And the big issue is the cost to join this program and keep up with the rules of minimum sales and products.

      Tastefully Simple may be good for some, but Wealthy Affiliate is the real deal when it comes to building a successful online business.

      Thanks for sharing 🙂

  3. Rob- Thank you for this Tastefully Simple Review. From what you lined out here I see more cons to this MLM than pros. I know everyone has their own opinion, however your idea of building a real business is a much better option. I really appreciate the Tastefully Simple Review. Also, with all of the cons associated with this I see another being that it would be hard right now to host any sort of party to promote it. 

    Thank you. 

    • Hey Russ 🙂

      You’re welcome sir! I know there are more cons than pros with Tastefully Simple.

      The fact is that I want folks to have the right impression and understanding of this program.

      It may carry excellent products and you may be able to make money. But I just see too much time, effort, and money being poured into this for it to be worthwhile.

      I don’t like MLM companies and that’s why Wealthy Affiliate is a much better way to go when it comes to building and being successful with an online business.

      Thanks for your interest 🙂

  4. Can you make money with Tastefully Simple? You asked a very good question. I for one can’t because I have failed at many MLMs. But coming to food, I think one can because we all eat even when sick. So food is an ever green niche, I agree. So someone should try it and let us know.

    • Hi Micheal 🙂

      My review on Tastefully Simple concluded that I didn’t feel that you could make money with it.

      I never made it either when it came to MLM’s. The only way is to keep signing people up. Too much work, time and money spent.

      The big issue I have with Tastefully Simple is the startup cost. You shouldn’t have to spend a lot of money to make money.

      Wealthy Affiliate is an excellent example of what a legitimate program is where you can make money.

      Thanks for sharing 🙂

  5. Thanks for the review, I was thinking about tastefully simple but MLM isn’t really for me either, and I definitely don’t like the idea of having to buy so much to begin with. Seems like there are maybe better opportunities out there, especially now that social distancing may become the “new normal”

    • Hi John 🙂

      You’re welcome sir! Tastefully Simple may seem like an attractive program to get into at first. I don’t like anything that is a MLM program.

      To have to rely on bringing in others to a program to make money is very unattractive to me.

      Tastefully Simple may be good for some folks but not for me. I cannot see spending a high amount of money just to get into a program such as this.

      Wealthy Affiliate is a program that you can join for free and even build a business without spending a ton of money.

      That’s my choice, not Tastefully Simple.

      I appreciate your feedback. Thank you 🙂


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