Seacret MLM Review

Seacret is a Multi Level Marketing company that sells skin care products. While many skin care companies have the same style of offering their products, Seacret has a bit of a different approach. This company depends on their minerals deriving from the Dead Sea. According to Seacret, the Dead Sea offers minerals that are much more beneficial that the standard minerals would offer. I will reveal the details in my Seacret MLM Review.

Seacret MLM Review

What is Seacret MLM?

Seacret products derive from the Dead Sea. These skin care products make claims that they can make your wrinkels and fine lines vanish, revitalize your skin, and make your appearance “younger.” This MLM company focuses on wellness and personal care products.

The main goal of this company is to aid people with feeling their best throughout their entire body with nutrition and skin care products. Seacret was founded back in 2001 by a man named Ben Shabat and also his brother as well.

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They built this company for all folks to be able to work from home by selling Seacret products & then bring others into the company to do the same, just as any other MLM company works.

I don’t feel that Seacret is a scam. It’s just another company the offers their products (which are rather expensive) and then you must recruit others into the company to buy products as well and do the same. It’s very difficult to sell products to someone when they are so costly. You may actually lose money and not make money with this company.

Are Seacret’s Products Worth Their Price?


Seacret Eye Creams

These 3 products are just a few of the many that are being offered. I personally don’t feel they are worth these kinds of prices. $159.99 for just one product?

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The Seacret MLM Opportunity

Seacret Direct is a legitimate company and not a scam. But the opportunity is a gamble and a long shot for the amount of time, effort, and money you will have to invest. As I mentioned, they may have some great products, but when you have prices like this, it’s a hard sell to convince others to not only buy the products, but to join the company as well.

Can you make money? Possibly, depending on how much you put into it. Can you lose money? More than likely. But let’s see below about Seacret’s income possibilites:

Seacret Income Chart

It doesn’t look very promising to me. The majority of the agents aren’t making much money at all.

How Much Does it Cost to Join Seacret?

Price to Join:

$49 registration fee ( for a non-active member) + $50 to upgrade the product kit itself, plus a $49 annual fee is charged.

Can You Really Make Money with Seacret?

While Seacret has some nice skin care products, you can make money if you’re willing to spend a lot of time and money building your downline. You must join as an agent first to do this.

Seacret Skincare Products

By building your downline and getting two of your agents to earn commissions, you will get the same commissions in return. This is your downline and for each sale they accomplish, you will get a commission or a percentage of their revenue that they can generate through whatever marketing plans they have used.

Here’s how you can make money:

  • You get paid by selling the Seacret products. You market the Seacret products to others and get paid by selling them.
  • Seacret has a “Preferred Customer Program.” Customers who buy regularly Seacret products that are delivered to their residence each month, make you eligible to receive a specific percentage of the total amount of sales that you bring into the company by enrolling these people directly into the program.

Seacret Skincare Selling Products

  • Another way for you to make money is to be compensated with their “Leadership Check Match Program” if you offer aid to other Seacret agents in order to for them to attain success at marketing as well. It’s common sense that the more the agents make, the more you will make too.
  • One additional avenue for creating income is to sell more products and move higher up the chart and you may receive performance bonuses.
  • Seacret also offers products such as makeup, hair care, and body care products that help to promote sales. This is beneficial since skin care is popular category.


  • Can generate income at a residual level if you can build a strong team of Seacret agents
  • Sell products without making them yourself
  • No warehousing or costs to operate
  • Low start up cost


  • Products are very expensive making sales difficult
  • Need extensive training in marketing to make money
  • Very difficult to build your downline
  • Compensation plans are not very good
  • Not available in stores
  • Complaints about poor business practices
  • Excessive credit card fees
  • Skin care products that are ineffective

Is Seacret Worth Joining?

For some people it may be worth joining, but I say it isn’t worth it. Join if you are willing to work very long and hard hours to try and convince others to not only buy expensive products, but to join and build your downline as well. I feel my Seacret MLM Review is enough for you to make a decision, but there are better ways to make money online.

Final Thoughts

It took me many years to find a program as good as my #1 recommendation. There isn’t a better way to try something as good as this recommendation without a big investment. You are provided with many tools, 2 free websites with hosting, the absolute best training anywhere and no better support 24/7.

In my opinion there’s no better way to make money online than my #1 recommendation. You can check it out for yourself in the comparison table below:



Nice skin care products


Low start up cost


Build your business at your own pace



  • Sell products without making them yourself
  • No warehousing or costs to operate
  • Can generate income at a residual level if you can build a strong team of Seacret agents


  • Compensation plans are not very good
  • Products are very expensive making sales difficult
  • Very difficult to build your downline
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18 thoughts on “Seacret MLM Review”

  1. Hey an honest review you have there about Seacret. I have heard little about Seacret MLM from a friend, having gone through this article, I now have a better perspective of its framework. One thing I don’t like about MLM is the process of you recruiting others to build your downlines. Considering the low compensation plan of Seacret, I don’t think it’s suitable for me.

    • Hey there,

      Thank so much! I like to do a lot of research about a product and while Seacret products appear to be good, I think that they are very expensive.

      MLM is hard enough to do but even harder when the products cost so much. I never cared for MLM companies and got burned by a few.

      It is very difficult to build your downline with MLM and you must rely on it to be successful.

      There’s no secret about how hard it would be to make money with Seacret.

      Thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. I would agree with you that Seacret is not a scam, but offers amazing products for sale plus an MLM opportunity to earn some money. These products are appealing to me, but just like you have rightly said, I don’t feel that these products are worth the high price tags placed on them. This high price tag would make it so difficult to market these products and make money from them. Also, we know that recruiting members to join an MLM opportunity is not easy either. So I think this company offers great products that are overpriced. Wealthy Affiliate is the better option for anyone looking to make money online considering the features.

    • Hey there Techie,

      That’s correct. Seacret is not a scam. But MLM is something that requires a lot of time. money, and patience to recruit your downline.

      If products like these have such a high price tag, then it’s going to be equally as hard to get recruits and their downline to spend money.

      It also makes it difficult to market the products as well.

      Wealthy Affiliate is clearly the better choice and it’s not a MLM company. You can teach others to build their website, get traffic, and create income.

      Thanks for your comments 🙂

  3. Hello there! I must say that this is really an insightful and unbiased review on Seacret MLM. I actually stumbled upon the Seacret platform during my search for online jobs which prompted me into making more research on it.  I think all information I ever wanted on the platform are well structured and detailed in this article. Skin Care products are really one if the top notch in the market today. 

    Anyway, you really make this platform interesting although it’s a bit expensive and I won’t go for it, I am not basically good in building downlines.

    • Hey Sheddy,

      Thank you! I tried to present the best review about Seacret that I could and be honest about it.

      While I feel that Seacret’s products are good ones, I don’t feel that the higher cost warrants trying to market for a MLM company.

      Sometimes no matter how good the product is, it’s very difficult to promote it by having to recruit and build your downline.

      Maybe it’s just me, but I never believed you could make it with MLM.

      Thanks for your insight 🙂

  4. Hi there, Thanks for sharing these information with us, I was actually doing some research online when I saw your post online about some Seacret mlm reviews. I believe this article has been helpful to me a lot. Thanks for the info. I’ll surely make some recommendations. It’s the best. I really wished I saw this post sooner.

    • Hey Skuchmane,

      You’re welcome! Seacret has some great products and many MLM companies do. But the biggest problem is that you have to recruit so many people in your downline.

      It isn’t worth the time and money that they charge you to join.

      Another issue is that the products are expensive and the only people who make money are the ones who stick it out for years spending way too much time and money.

      Seacret is just another MLM company that I would avoid.

      I appreciate your feedback. Thanks!

  5. Hello there. Thank you for this awesome post on seacret  MlM review.  I recently discussed with a friend about doing a side hustle and he recommended seacret to me so I decided to do some research on it and from this review I now have answers to many question I have had regarding seacret and seeing that the compensation plan is not really encouraging I would look into your number 1 recommendation (Wealthy Affiliate) I might like it there.

    • Hello Jomata,

      You’re welcome! I wanted to write a review about Seacret and give my opinions about the company. While I feel that Seacret has some great products, I believe that they are expensive.

      That makes it harder as an affiliate to promote those products. If people can’t afford the products than how as a new affiliate marketer are you going to bring others on to sell them?

      I never liked MLM because it’s a lot of work for so little income. It isn’t easy to recruit and build your downline.

      Seacret is a pass for me and I don’t recommend it. Wealthy Affiliate is where you want to be if you want to be successful.

      I appreciate your comments. Thanks 🙂

  6. Hello there! This is an amazing review you have got here. Spending more time on these platforms for me, is not worth the stress because that time if converted, can be very useful with pursuing wealthy affiliate which is also my number one recommendation for anyone who wants to earn real cash without spending unnecessary time.

    • Hi there!

      Thank you 🙂  You can spend a lot of time and money with MLM companies and never get anywhere.

      While Seacret has some great products, the affordability of these products and the time spent trying to recruit others is not worth it.

      I totally agree with you that Wealthy Affiliate is the one true way to be successful at making money online.

      It’s the one program that is not MLM and you get trained every step of the way towards your online success.

      Your feedback is important! I thank you so much 🙂

  7. Hello there! Thank you for this beautiful piece of work, I find it really informative and educative. You’ve done a really good job and I must commend that. There are many affiliate programs going on and the issue we have is which one is legit and okay to hop on. Before checking your article, I only knew of Wealthy Affiliate as a legit affiliate program but now I can add Seacret MLM to the list. Thanks a lot for sharing,…

    • Hi Philebur,

      You’re welcome! I wanted to present another affiliate program, but because it’s an MLM Company, I tend to shy away from it.

      MLM companies and their products are hard to promote because they are expensive and it’s not easy to build your downline.

      Seacret products are very expensive and that makes it hard to make money as well. This is why I prefer Wealthy Affiliate to any other affiliate program out there.

      I appreciate your feedback. Thank you 😉

  8. All I see is lost money. It’s really hard to sell makeup in the first place because people like the comfort of going to a store to buy it. And they use well-known brands or brands they are familiar with. Then, these products are also extremely expensive so that makes it hard to sell too. I can sniff out a pyramid scheme from a mile away and I don’t like to buy from companies that run that way.

    • Hey Nikki 🙂

      I’ve been through MLM companies before and like you I can see it a mile away now.

      I despise having to recruit others into a MLM company and trying to sell expensive products that most folks aren’t going to buy.

      Seacret has products that will be a hard sell because they are that expensive and you have to meet quotas too.

      The easier way is through Wealthy Affiliate where you don’t have to build up your downline and stock product either.

      Thank you for your insights. Much appreciated 🙂

  9. These products from the dead sea are surely pricey!  The program seems to be designed for MLM marketing purposes. Often, when this is what is happening, they forget the user of the product and the results required to charge this much for an eye wrinkle cream. I do have to agree that is MLM marketing was the main focus. This company may need to look at some of the products and results of their use, then think through the marketing. 

    I do not think I would choose their program for making money. I have had my share of mishaps with MLM. Finally, I decided I really did not need to do this kind of marketing.  You guys who are successful with MLM’s have a skill I don’t have. I will stick with online Affiliate marketing.  That works better for me. No inventory and no pressuring my friends and family to buy!  Thanks, Sami

    • Hey Sami 🙂

      Yes, I agree that Seacret products from the Dead Sea are most expensive. And this is a MLM company which I feel is extremely hard to make money with since you have to always be building your downline.

      While Seacret’s products may be great, they are too expensive and it’s a hard sell to anyone especially people you are trying to recruit to the company.

      Wealthy Affiliate is a much better choice to making money online from home. It’s easier to sell other people’s products and have no inventory.

      I appreciate your feedback. Thanks 🙂


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