Pocketplr.com Review

As an affiliate marketer, if you’re looking for more sales, it’s beneficial to give away bonuses which will help to build your list. With my PocketPLR.com review, let’s find out about the over 150 quality products you can give away or give away as sales to build your list.

What Exactly is Pocketplr.com?

As an affiliate marketer, you can be more successful by giving away not only standard bonuses, but ones that have added value that people actually are looking for. With PocketPLR.com you are given a huge amount of bonus material in many different niches that you can choose and add to your bonus offers. It’s not very difficult to figure out.

PocketPLR Book Cover

Who is Pocketplr.com for?

PocketPLR.com is basically for marketers who are looking to increase their sales and conversions or build their lists by applying quality PLR by offering bonuses.

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How does Pocketplr.com Work?

PLR Packages can be a great choice for giveaways & bonuses & this premier membership website offers hundreds of these premier quality packages

  • Serves for a Variety of Niches
  • Build Your Email List Quickly with Giveaways
  • Bonuses Available Without Outside Searching
  • YouTube Traffic, Google, & SEO
  • An Easy Way To Make More Money
  • WordPress, Bing, Website & More

What Do You Get with Pocketplr.com?

PocketPLR Keep up with the Gurus

You get professionally designed PLR products that are of excellent quality. You can use these marketing tools to build your list as either bonus bundles or giveaways.

PocketPLR offers more than 150 great quality PLR books in different niches that include WordPress, YouTube, Google, Money Making Offers and more. Your customers have the option to re-package as their own product or give them away!

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When you offer bonuses that are of good quality, you will gain customers who will buy from you.

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PocketPLR Premium Bonuses

Pocketplr.com Pros and Cons:


  • No upsells
  • Exclusive bonuses
  • No membership monthly fees


  • May not be suitable for everyone
  • Claims to just copy & paste to make money (nothing is that easy)

Watch the Video Below for More About Pocketplr.com

Can You Make Money with Pocketplr.com?

I can honestly say that I was on the fence about PocketPLR.com. While it’s fairly a newbie, you MAY be able to make money because of the free bonuses. People like things that are “free.” At $29.95 it’s a reasonable price. But one thing that really turns me off are the spelling and grammar errors in the presentation. I would pass on pocketplr.com.

Final Thoughts

I could be wrong in my decision about pocketplr.com, but I personally would not be taking a chance on it. You can make your own mind. It’s just my opinion. I also don’t believe that you can just copy and paste anything and just make money from it that simple and that fast.

It’s rare that I come across something as good as my online business below. There is no better way to try something as good as this without a huge investment. You are provided with many tools, 2 free websites with hosting, the best training anywhere and no better support 24/7. There’s no better way to make money online than my #1 recommendation. You can check it out for yourself in the comparison tale below:

Pocketplr.com vs Wealthy Affiliate


Working Online From HomeStart Your Own Online Business

Learn the 4 Steps to Learn to Work Online From Home. Follow the Guide Step-by-Step. Includes Training, Support, & All The Required Tools to Get Started Online.

4 thoughts on “Pocketplr.com Review”

  1. Wow🤩, yet another one to top up my game! Thanks Rob for sharing this review, you really don’t know how this information is very important to me.  A friend of mine told me about pocketplr and it’s intriguing claims few weeks ago but I had my doubts about it as the task is just too easy.

    I will make sure he reads this article. Thanks!

    • Hi! The thing is that you never know about a program even when you do your research.

      Pocketplr seems to be a decent program but usually things that seem to be too good to be true are and this is the case with Pocketplr.

      I just don’t see paying for all the upsells in order for this to work.

      The other issue is that it’s a fairly new program so there’s no track record of just how it can perform.

      Thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. Well done!!

    It never crossed my mind to use a review to introduce  Wealthy Affiliate! 

    And you’ve comparison-shopped for us right there in your short blog. It couldn’t be easier.  If I wasn’t already a member of WA you would have convinced me to become one!

    You had me from the beginning because I had never heard of Pocketplr before. By the way, what does “plr” stand for?

    • Hey Amy 🙂

      Thank you! I wanted to do a review of pocketplr because while it make make some people money, it doesn’t compare to Wealthy Affiliate.

      There are many affiliate programs out there but most won’t compare to how awesome Wealthy Affiliate is.

      Pocletplr may make some people money, but whenever someone claims you can make money easy by just doing two steps, I am very skeptical.

      Wealthy Affiliate teaches you every aspect of affiliate marketing and lets you know in no uncertain terms that it requires hard work.

      BTW, PLR stands for Private Label Rights.

      Thank you for your feedback!


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