Monat MLM Review

It seems that everyone is looking to make money with a home-based business these days. There are a zillion businesses offering a chance for you to join and make money. But are they for real? For this specific company, I would like to present what they have to offer and have you judge if this is for you. Check out my Monat MLM Review to determine if it’s right for you or not.

Monat MLM Review

What is Monat MLM?

Modern Nature is what Monat stands for. Monat is a multi-level marketing company home-based in Doral Florida that sells wellness and beauty products. Monat was founded in 2014 by Luis Urdaneta and his claim is they are the top hair and cosmetic company and has science that backs it up.

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The central focus is that Monat has the answers to many common issues such as hair loss. This MLM company recruits reps to sell their hair care products to people and they can earn income as a result.

While being based in Doral, Florida, Monat has now branched out and covers the entire United States, Europe, and Canada as well. They began with positive news about the company when they first was launched. But as of late, that is certainly not the case.

Are Monat’s Products Worth Your Hard Earned Money?

Monat knows that to be successful they must provide quality products that should be exceptional enough for buyers to be happy and reorder more of the same. This just makes perfect sense. This should be the goal of the company and while this may have been the case when Monat first started out, it is not the case as of late because of bad publicity. The consumer is going to be very hesitant about purchasing because of this bad publicity.

Let’s check out this chart below:

Monat Customer Complaints

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As you can see there have been quite a bit of complaints in the past year about Monat (571) and there were quite a number of lawsuits as well. You can check out the list of Monat class action suits by clicking here. The complaints ranged from severe allergic reactions of the scalp, hair loss from using their products, and itching and burning as well.

Watch this Video About Actions Against Monat Hair Care

An Opportunity at Monat MLM

Is Monat a legitimate company that you can make money from? It’s an opportunity yes. There are videos that present this opportunity. It claims to have the best compensation plan, but don’t all MLM companies claim this? Of course they do!

They sell hair care products. They promise you the world. You can buy their products exclusively from Monat. But this isn’t the case.There is no proof that you can create income and become wealthy. In fact, if you search the internet you will find that you can actually purchase Monat’s products elsewhere and even cheaper than on their website. Then why wouldn’t your potential customers do the exact same thing?

Profiting from MLM is Hard!

The MLM Business is Challenging to Profit From

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Here’s a few products that are rather expensive:

Monat Products for Sale on Amazon

Monat is just a duplicate of every other MLM company out there. Their claim of products just available from their market partner representatives is just not true. They are on the expensive side as well. Click here for a list of more products so that you can see for yourself.

I did my homework and you can too. But the fact is that in my search, I find Monat products that are for sale on other sites for a cost that is less than what Monat’s market partners get as a subscription price! How’s that make you feel? Ouch!

What’s the Price Tag to Join Monat?

In order to begin earning commissions from selling your products, you must purchase a product pack ( minimum $99) and in addition to that you are required to pay a $49 yearly fee to become a “market partner.” This is the only way you will earn commissions from your sales.

There are several tiers available that you could sign up for as a Market Partner at Monat. This will give you a more detailed explanation of how commissions are earned.

You have to have a plan when beginning a business and your business costs are most important especially before you dive in. If you don’t make a financial plan as far as spending, you could be dead in the water before you even get started.

Is Monat a Money Maker?

There are a few ways to possibly make money with Monat. Whether you make money or not will be entirely up to you and how hard you work at it. So let’s give a look:

Selling Products

Monat pays up to 40% commissions on products you personally sell. How much money you earn from each individual sale depends on whether or not you are selling to a VIP customer or retailer.

Selling to Retail Customers

Monat pays out 30% commissions on retail product orders and includes anyone buying through your website.

In addition, you can earn an added bonus commission based on how much you sell:

  • 1,000 to 1,999 PV qualifies you for an extra 3% commission (33% total)
  • 2,000 to 3,499 PV qualifies you for an extra 5% commission (35% total)
  • 3,500 PV or more qualifies you for an extra 10% commission (40% total)

PV ( Personal Volume) and a set amount of PV is associated with each product package and each product.

Uni-level Downline Commissions

So here is where MLM begins. It’s all about recruiting others to come into Monat and become members, sell products, and recruit others into the system as MLM companies do.

The easiest way to show the compensation plan is by clicking here.

Selling to VIP Customers

VIP customers are ones who pay a fee of $19.99 & also agree to buy a minimum of three “flexship” orders ( these orders cost $84 or even more each). The benefit you receive is free shipping on qualifying orders, 15% off retail pricing, & some additional free products.

VIP customers are bit different though. The “catch” here is that your commissions here are only 15% and not 30%.

You receive another $60 as a bonus when you refer 4 or more VIP customers in any calendar month. This is an unlimited “perk.”

The chart below presents 5 different ways for you to earn income: 


  • MLM “New kid on the block” Company – The fact is that the newer the company, the better chance of signing up more recruits. There’s a better chance of being successful.
  • Not a pyramid scheme
  • Monat has received a few awards
  • Expanding and growing at a fast pace – This company has grown to not only cover Canada and the United States, but also Europe as well.


  • Products that of poor quality and overpriced
  • Multiple Class Action Lawsuits You can check out the list in the link below the complaint charts above
  • Surplus of negative reviews
  • You can purchase Monat products elsewhere online cheaper
  • Complaints from Market Partners – Most complaints come from people who concluded that this what not a business that they could succeed at and had a difficult time getting through to support to cancel their memberships
  • Extensive waiting periods for refunds
  • Countless complaints from consumers – There are a great deal of of complaints on websites such as the Better Business Bureau about the use of Monat products.

Is Monat Legitimate & Worth Joining?

The main issue I always had with MLM companies is that because they are an MLM company, their top goal is recruiting and not selling products. I just don’t think this MLM company is worth your time, effort, and money.

Compensation means nothing if you aren’t recruiting and selling anyone or anything. And on top of that there’s a ton of competition where the other Monat signups are going after the same thing as you are. I would only think about joining if I was a customer, possibly.

Final Thoughts

In my Monet MLM Review, I covered the basics for you and my opinion is that it’s just not a company that is worth pursuing because the time, effort, and money is not worth the investment. MLM will always be about recruiting people and not about selling products. There are much better ways to make money online.

There’s really only one way to legitimately make money online and this is my top recommendation for making money online and building a very successful internet business. Here you will receive the absolute best training anywhere, top notch support, numerous websites, and access to chat where fellow members are there 24/7 to help.


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10 thoughts on “Monat MLM Review”

  1. Hello there. Thanks for sharing this very awesome article. I know it would be of great help to the public as it has been of help to me. I haven’t really been a fan of MLM as I have crossed a lot of MLM scams on the internet, but I might be willing to give this one a try for a change. What you do think?

    • Hi David,

      Glad you enjoyed the article! I wanted to present this article because I know it might interest a good deal of people.

      There are many people interested in selling hair care products. But the issue with this company Monat is that they are a rather bad track record when it comes to their products and business ethics.

      They have had numerous complaints and lawsuits against them and that’s not a company that I want to be a representative for.

      Wealthy Affiliate has an excellent track record and proven success for its members. So I would go with Wealthy Affiliate and stay away from a MLM company like Monat.

      Thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. Hi Rob,

    I came across a post on Instagram of a girl I know promoting Monat. I chatted with her and she told me it was really fabulous and she could also make money selling their stuff.

    I began researching and I quickly found people that talk really good about Monat’s products and other people that were so angry at the company. The complaints ranged from women losing their hair to people complaining for charges Monat had done on their cards after they had cancelled and order.

    I’m afraid even to try their products. And I would not promote something that has awaken so much controversy. I’m glad your post ratified my initial stance. 

    Thanks for your help on deciding if this company was worth a shot or not. I’ll check this other platform you suggested at the end of your post.

    • Hello Ann 🙂

      Sometimes things appear great at first until you dig a little deeper. I found that the case as well with Monat at first.

      The products were supposedly great and here was an opportunity to sell these clothes and make money at it.

      But the more I looked into it the worse it became with Monat. I found the same issues as you did with credit cards being charged, women losing their hair, and a hard time getting your money back.

      Then there’s the issue of lawsuits against Mona which doesn’t sit well if you’re thinking of promoting Monat.

      Let the buyer beware!

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts 🙂

  3. Like you this is my own main issue with MLM companies like this one too. The main goal is not to make money but to recruit others which makes it very similar to a pyramid scheme. Now add this fact to the fact that making money is very hard on a business model like this and then add that to the fact that Monat in particular has a lot of complaints, well I guess it’s that easy to make a decision on the platform then. Your review really gives Monat away accurately. Good job.

    • Hey Riley,

      I never liked MLM companies. You’re always recruiting to make money and it does mirror a pyramid scheme.

      While Monat may have some decent products, it’s still a young company and an MLM company as well.

      It’s not easy to recruit others and make money either when a company does have numerous complaints against them.

      The bottom line is that while you may be able to make money with Monat, Wealthy Affiliate is the better choice for making money online.

      I appreciate your feedback. Thanks 🙂

  4. During these past few months, my Facebook feed has been fueled by people promoting those products and targeting their audience to also join the company to start making an income from your own home. I can’t say if this is a legit platform or not, but the amount of people I’ve seen marketing MONAT has truly surprised me. Though, from what I can see from your review, the products are really expensive compared to other similar and legit products. 

    • Hi Stephanie 🙂

      I know what you mean. There are more and more promotions about these products coming out as of late.

      The thing is that Monat is a new company and doesn’t have an established track record. 

      But it still appears that it would be difficult to make money with Monat in light of the quality of their products.

      But in addition as you mentioned, the products are expensive and it’s even more expensive to join their program.

      It’s just too much of a gamble to try and make money.

      I appreciate your feedback. Thank you 🙂

  5. Thank you for your review on Monat. Recently I have been really considering working from home and it is very difficult to sort though the options on the internet because there are just so many.

    I was particularly interested in hair products because I have issues with hair loss and I feel that using quality hair products make a huge difference.

    Thanks to your article, you have helped me scratch one on-line making scheme of the list!

    • Hi Cynthia 🙂

      You’re welcome! It’s great that you’re looking to work from home. It’s hard to find something to start an online business.

      Yes, I agree that there are so many options out there but it’s the scams and MLM programs that you want to avoid.

      Hair products may be an attractive niche to go into but when it involves MLM as does Monat, it’s best to avoid it.

      Monat does not have a good track record and yet Wealthy Affiliate does. Which one do you think most people would choose?

      Thanks for sharing Cynthia 🙂


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Profiting from MLM is Hard!

The MLM Business is Challenging to Profit From

See How I Earn Commissions from Home While Leaving My Friends Alone