Matilda Jane MLM Review – Make Money Selling Clothes?

Are you a shopper? Do you love clothes shopping? How would you feel about selling the clothes instead of buying them? If that’s something that might interest you, then Matilda Jane MLM may be right up your alley? I’m going to present my Matilda Jane MLM Review to help you decide whether it’s a yay or nay.

The market that is pinpointed on is folks (more so women) with children. This is what you have to zero in on because that’s what the products are geared for. Caution, because the costs may be a bit steep for those without a ton of money.

What Exactly is Matilda Jane?

Matilda Jane MLM Review - Matilda Jane Clothing

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Matilda Jane Clothing is a Multi Level Marketing Company mostly based on girls clothing, but they do sell specific items for boys as well and also for women.

They are a MLM company that began back in 2006 with Denise Demarchis and is located in Fort Wayne, Indiana.  The company designs and produces clothes for all girls and women as well along with many products and accessories for your home.

Matilda Jane designs rather unusual clothing as far as the many patterns and colors. It’s possible that there may be other clothing items in your search, they will most likely not be anything like the Matilda Jane line. Since you can’t buy the clothes in an actual store you have to buy from a “trunk keeper.”

Check out the Video Below for more About Matilda Jane

Who is Matilda Jane for?

  • Women with children
  • Anyone wanting to sell clothes (mostly for kids)

How does Matilda Jane Work?

It’s a typical MLM program where you host a party that will most likely include friends and relatives. You would obviously present Matilda Jane products and as the host you would be qualified for a gift at each party.

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Matilda Jane handles the sales you make and has them delivered to your customers. Matilda Jane works with Trunk Keepers known as the distributors. Whatever sales you would make are sent to Matilda Jane directly so that they can be fulfilled and then in turn shipped to your customer directly.

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Matilda Jane Pros and Cons


  • Good Commission Rates
    A 20% commission rate gets paid for any products that Trunk Keepers sell.
  • Available in the Canada & the United States
    You are permitted to sell your clothes anywhere and to anyone in Canada and the United States.
  • Plenty of Variety- A substantial catalogue of clothes that include baby clothes and clothes for women and children. In addition, accessories for the home including blankets, toys, pillows, and bedding are available.
  • Free Training
    You get a free personalized development and training as a Trunk Keeper.


  • High Startup Costs – You must purchase a starter kit which is an investment of $1,600! Additionally, you must also purchase a seasonal “kit” each time a new line of clothes is introduced. It’s a steep price tag because your purchase price is retail not wholesale.
  • Facebook Ads – No Facebook ads to promote products or ad campaigns are permitted.
  • Required Trunk – A trunk must be purchased at the start of each selling season. This is at the price that is set in place.
  • Maintain Monthly Sale Target – Another downer that is required to retain an active status of being a trunk keeper is that you must earn $1,500 a month. If you want to stay with the program, you are required to remain active in the program as a trunk keeper for a total of 16 weeks.

Can You Make Money with Matilda Jane?

Here are some examples of Matilda Jane clothes:

Matilda Jane MLM Review - Matilda Jane Clothes on EBay

My opinion is that making a decent amount of money with Matilda Jane will be difficult. You aren’t in the position of selling anything exclusively because you are a trunk keeper, yet that what you’re required to be. So the clothes can also be bought from other websites such as EBay or Amazon or from the website directly.

When products are easily available elsewhere, it’s not very likely that they will look to a source like you unless they are getting a big deal which isn’t happening. And the one thing I really hate about MLM is that you have to recruit people underneath you to get a small percentage for this program to work.

And I also want to point out that there are lawsuits against the company, along with several consumers voicing their complaints about the actual quality of the Matilda Jane clothing (mainly skin problems as far as rashes and possible allergies with kids) and in addition there have been reports of credit card fraud too. You can check this out for yourself if you’re still interested.

Who is a “Jane?”

Jane is someone who is a hostess of the Matilda Show. You would earn either a discount or free products depend on the amount of sale.

Unfortunately, the discounts are not great.  You need at least $300 in the sale, to get 50% off on one item.

Matilda Jane MLM Review - Perks of Hosting a Matilda Jane Show

Final Thoughts

I’ve given you that facts in my Matilda Jane MLM Review. I personally never liked any MLM program and this is no different. It’s a company that sells clothes and accessories and I don’t feel you can make money with it. There are other ways to make money online.

Not only that, the startup cost is astronomical! You’ll invest a ton of money because you are also required to buy their seasonal kits as well. You have to rely on your downline as well to make any money and they also require you to have at least $1,500 a month in sales to remain in the company as a “trunk keeper.”

As far as I’m concerned there’s really only one way to legitimately make money online and this is my #1 recommendation for making money online and building a truly successful internet business. Here you will receive the absolute best training anywhere, top notch support, numerous websites, and access to chat where fellow members are there around the clock to help. You can join for free with no credit card required!

It took me many years to find a program as good as my #1 recommendation. There isn’t a better way to try something as good as this recommendation without a big investment. You are provided with many tools, 2 free websites with hosting, the absolute best training anywhere and no better support 24/7.

In my opinion there’s no better way to make money online than my #1 recommendation. You can check it out for yourself in the comparison table below:


Matilda Jane MLM


Clothing diversity


Quality of clothing


No cost training



  • Plenty of Variety
  • Available in the Canada & the United States
  • Free Training


  • Maintain Monthly Sale Target
  • Required Trunk
  • Extremely High Startup Costs
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10 thoughts on “Matilda Jane MLM Review – Make Money Selling Clothes?”

  1. Matilda jane MLM program is one of the best that I have worked with although due to some reasons best known to me I just stopped using them…but I can see some things has been upgraded on their program so I would definitely start to use them once again…thanks a lot for this awesome review

    • Hey David,

      I’m surprised that you feel that Matilda Jane is one of the best programs that you have ever worked with.

      I didn’t feel that selling clothes such as these would be profitable and enjoyable. It doesn’t even compare to Wealthy Affiliate.

      But I would be curious to know how it was working and is working now for you? 

      I personally thought it was a lot of money to join. I’ll stick with Wealthy Affiliate.

      Thanks David! 🙂

  2. Thank you so much for sharing such a wonderful article with us.

    I agree with you This is a company that sells clothing and accessories, and I don’t even think I can make money through it.
    Because of the amount of money spent on these garments. Plus, they spend more time online making less money than they spend more time on.

    As far as I think it’s the way to legitimately make money online. Where to make money online to build a truly successful internet business. Because there is always help. Work can be done around the world at home.

    Thank you again for the post. I enjoyed it very much. It is informative and educational.

    • Hi Joy 🙂

      You’re welcome! While I applaud this company for a product for girls of all ages, it’s not a good opportunity for an entrepreneur to make money with.

      The product is not a great quality and there seems to be too many issues with Matilda Jane especially when it comes to trying to make money with this MLM company.

      I would never invest $1,600 and be bound to all the rules and such that this company stands by.

      The idea behind investing in a company is to make money and not be indebted to them. It’s a no for me.

      Thanks for sharing 🙂

  3. Hello and good day! As someone who have experienced with different sorts of MLM companies before, I am quick to dismiss everyone, even a good friend, a family member, when I notice or realized the red flags or common things that makes it an MLM company. It doesn’t matter if the tree looks like vertical or horizontal, it was always the pioneers or apex predator who gets them all. I agree that there are more legitimate ways to earn money online, without you rushing, at your own pace, and doing what you love. I love that you backed your article with proof of the charges against the company. The article is well-written and on point.

    • Hey Lemuel 🙂

      Hello to you too and hope this finds you well! I was never a fan of MLM companies at all.

      The only way to make money is to recruit other members into Matilda Jane.

      While selling clothes may seem like a great idea for some, I just don’t see it working with this company.

      They are young and there’s a good deal of negatives that have been brought out because of their practices.

      There are many other better ways to make money online other than a MLM company such as Matilda Jane.

      Thank you for your comments!

  4. Thank you for your interesting post on Matilda Jane. I have never heard of this MLM before. The clothes are cute. I can imagine that once a little girl would get something from Matilda Jane, she would beg for more clothes like it! Since my little girls have all grown up, I would not have any use for a trunk full of clothes if I did not sell them all.

    I think I would prefer to be able to sell products that do not put me under pressure as to how, when and where to sell them.

    That being said, for the right person, in the right situation, it may be just the perfect opportunity for them.

    All the best,


    • Hi Carolyn 🙂

      You’re so welcome! While there may be a good variety of clothes for children, they don’t seem to be the best quality.

      But I don’t like MLM companies because you rely too much on bringing aboard other recruits to make money for you.

      You certainly aren’t making money so easy by yourself because the expenses are so high and the commissions so low.

      And the kicker is that you have to actually PAY to terminate. That is just ridiculous. I would stay away from Matilda Jane especially since there have been lawsuits against them.

      I appreciate your feedback. Thank you 🙂

  5. I love fashion very well and selling clothes will be extremely amazing, in that way I will be able to promote fashions and also earn some money. The 20% commission is cool. Also the free training it will enable a lot of people to be interested as I am also interested as well. The clothes samples are nice,although it’s a pity that one cannot make money from Matilda Jane easily and the discount involved is not great…thanks for sharing anyway.

    • Hi Alexy 🙂

      It’s great that you’re into fashion! This may be a program for you if you like clothes that much and would like to give it a try with making money.

      Yes, the commissions and training may be attractive, but there are costs that are extremely high and penalties and rules you have to abide by.

      While the concept may be great, I feel the rest of this program is not and making money is not worth the costs you must pay to be a part of Matilda Jane.

      But I thank you for your interest. Much appreciated!


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Profiting from MLM is Hard!

The MLM Business is Challenging to Profit From

See How I Earn Commissions from Home While Leaving My Friends Alone