Mannatech MLM Review

It’s important for everyone to be concerned about their health and be as healthy as possible. But wouldn’t it be appealing to you to help others get healthy and making money while doing so? It’s very advantageous to find a company that you can partner up with and help you reach your goals. In my Mannatech MLM Review I will try and provide you enough information for you to decide whether or not Mannatech is solid or not.

Mannatech MLM Review

What is Mannatech MLM?

Mannatech is a multi-level marketing company. Their main focus is on nutritional and health products. Like so many companies, Mannatech sells personal care products and supplements. The main purpose is to battle malnutrition worldwide.

Some of the products that they represent range from fitness, weight loss, to skin care products. A Mannatech product known as Glyconutrition is one of their well-known. Glyconutrition supports your cellular communication inside your body.

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A good deal of the products in Mannatech are connected to their “crown jewel” product they call Ambrotose which is generally powders and sugar pills deriving from the Glyconutrition.

Are Mannatech’s Products Worth Their Price?

Many times when I research a product I will go by price. Now while Mannatech claims that folks can use Ambrotose to replace specific sugars that are vital, I don’t feel that they are worth the prices that these products here at Mannatech cost.

Here’s one example below:

Ambrotose Life Product

So if you read above you will see that you will not pay for shipping for two reasons. It costs more than $100 and is also enrolled in the auto renewal shipping. I just feel the prices with Mannatech products are extremely high. $149 for one product is astronomical!

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I don’t feel that many of your customers are going to pay or afford to pay these prices either. The product must cost at least $100 to be eligible for free shipping or you can add on the cost of shipping as well. The fact that the Federal Drug Administration hasn’t approved of these products either will make it a hard sell. There are other ways that you can purchase similar product at much less of a cost than Mannatech.

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The MLM Business is Challenging to Profit From

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The Mannatech MLM Opportunity

As with any other MLM opportunity, Mannatech requires you to promote their products which is common sense. As you push their personal care products and dietary supplements, you will be rewarded with either bonuses, rewards, or commissions. See the chart below for an example of how the loyalty program works:

Mannatech Loyalty ProgramThe real goal here (and not an easy one I might add) is to shoot for every customer ordering every product that Mannatech has and have them on re-order each and every month! (Okay, a little exaggeration) But you know what I mean. This will help to stockpile your earnings. Good luck with this!

How Much Does it Cost to Join Mannatech?

Getting started with your yearly membership means a cost of $49.99. There are higher starter packages that range from $99 – $999. There’s a 90 day access at no additional charge that entitles you to their customer support, specific value bundles, and all the business tools they offer. Your basic membership includes bonuses, special discounts, and whatever incentives are available. This could get rather costly once you start adding the additional packages.

Here’s a quick look at the different packages:

  • Basic Pack – $99-$169
  • All-Star Pack – $499
  • Premium All-Star Pack – $999

This is what you get for your membership:

Mannatech Associate Screenshot

Can You Make Money with Mannatech?

Maybe some people can make money with almost any program and Mannatech could be one of them. But let’s look at the two common ways to make money with any MLM company.

  • Through a variety of incentives and bonuses, you build your downline by recruiting others into the business.
  • Earn commissions by selling Mannatech products.

This is the same as any MLM program where you must meet requirements, sell products, and recruit others in order to “stepping it up” and getting higher up in the program so others who join allow you to earn commissions from them too. I find that a good deal of MLM companies (and this is no exception) don’t totally operate in a reputable manner and also have quite a bit of legal issues against them in court.

Mannatech Bonus Program

The image above shows how Automatic Order Bonuses are tied to the bonus team who is a Qualified All-Star Regional Director or above.

It’s crucial that you get customers to sign up for these automatic monthly shipments in order for you to collect commissions from these orders each month.


  • Products are generally reliable
  • Not a Scam – 27 year history in business
  • Publicly traded company since 1999


  • Mannatech Lawsuits
  • Potential Side Effects
  • Mannatech Product Warnings
  • Untrue claims about products (they can cure specific illnesses)
  • Not FDA approved
  • Dubious training methods
  • Products are expensive

Is Mannatech Worth Joining?

Mannatech is a legit business opportunity, but not the best place to make money.
Mannatech Income Averages

In this chart if you look at the last column on the right, you can see that most people don’t make it with Mannatech.

Final Thoughts

In my Mannatech MLM Review, I’ve given you the facts about this company, its’ products, and possibilities of making money with it. I never cared for MLM because you must rely almost totally on recruiting and your downline. Mannatech is no exception. You must sell a lot of products that I must say are very pricey, and it will take a lot of time and your money to do so. There are much better ways to make money online.

There’s really only one way to legitimately make money online and this is my top recommendation for making money online and building a very successful internet business. Here you will receive the absolute best training anywhere, top notch support, numerous websites, and access to chat where fellow members are there 24/7 to help.

Mannatech MLM Products


Cost of product


Training & Support


Package varieties



  • Publicly traded company
  • Products are generally reliable
  • Not a Scam


  • Not FDA approved
  • Mannatech Lawsuits
  • Products are expensive
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6 thoughts on “Mannatech MLM Review”

  1. Hello; Are you selling Mannatech products? You have truthfully mentioned that MLMs have false information. likely legal battles, Exeubrant pricing, and a must-have downline to make money. 

    Although Mannaech like the other MLMs have a lyrical influence along with your testimonial; I would not exchange Affiliate Marketing at the Wealthy Affiliate Platform for anything having the resemblance of Mannatech, much more the direct Mannatech.


    • Hi Dorcas 🙂

      No, I am NOT selling anything for Mannatech. I do not care for any MLM company and Mannatech is no different.

      There’s too much time and work involved and you must consistently build your downline.

      And the cost is not worth it either. I’ve been in MLM companies before and I learned my lesson.

      The fact is that Mannatech does not even come anywhere close to Wealthy Affiliate. So I wouldn’t exchange it for any MLM company.

      Appreciate your feedback. Thank you 🙂

  2. Rob, this is a very detailed review of Mannatech. I have been approached by someone as well, and when I found out the prices, I just knew, there is no way that you will be able to build a sustainable business by selling these products. Even now during this time of economic slump globally, there is just NO chance of this being a viable opportunity.

    You have done a good outline and explanation of the whole structure which is important to new business builders. The bottom-line is always 2-fold. What will it cost me, and what will I earn?

    100% behind you, that Wealthy Affiliate is the no.1 choice

    • Hi Andre,

      Thank you for saying! I wanted to lay out a detailed review of Mannatech. I am not high on MLM companies.

      I just don’t believe in uplines and downlines and the fact that you need to recruit constantly to make any money.

      It’s also hard for an MLM program such as Mannatech to work when it’s just starting out. There’s no track record to go by.

      And with the world and the economy the way it is right now as you said, I see little no chance of making money with this company. That’s why Wealthy Affiliate is the best company to make money with online.

      Thank you for your comments 🙂

  3. I don’t usually like MLM companies because a lot of their products are downright bad. But if the products are good and the focus is on selling products, then you pretty much know the company is good and they have a very successful team behind them. Mannatech MLM doesn’t sound too impressive and just like a normal MLM. I won’t be using them as there are much better opportunities out there. Thanks for the clarification.

    • Hey Brandon,

      I never cared for MLM companies as I got stuck a few times way back when. The products can be good, but you’re always relying on your downline.

      Mannatech may have some good products and even be a decent company, but when your products are expensive people are not going to spend a lot of money.

      And I always stay away from any company that requires money upfront to join. That’s where they get you.

      I learned the hard way but never again. Wealthy Affiliate is the company to join with no money to join.

      Thanks for sharing 🙂


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Profiting from MLM is Hard!

The MLM Business is Challenging to Profit From

See How I Earn Commissions from Home While Leaving My Friends Alone