Juice Plus MLM Review

Juice Plus is a company that promotes supplements that are supposed to take the place of the traditional fruits and veggies that we eat to be healthy. In my Juice Plus MLM Review I will discuss the positives and negatives of this MLM company to let you make your decision as to whether or not you can make money with it.

Juice Plus MLM Review

What is Juice Plus MLM?

Juice Plus

Juice Plus is an company that happens to be an MLM “opportunity.” While eating vegetables and fruits is the healthy thing to do, Juice Plus is an option to be an alternative to just eating them.

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Their claim is they are trying to get closer from what you should be eating as far as healthy and exactly what you actually do eat each day. Following the Juice Plus plan in lieu of having your fruits and veggies. Is the idea behind Juice Plus even plausible?

Jay Martin is the person who founded Juice Plus way back in the year 1970. (Geez, I just graduated high school!) He developed specific dietary supplements and branded them. These supplements contain vegetable and fruit juice extracts which are fortified with added nutrients and vitamins. Jay marketed this with the typical MLM template.

In reality he also founded “NSA” which also goes by the name “National Safety Associates” in the same year. So with this particular company, he created and designed many different products on the 1970’s and 1980’s such as filters and fire detectors.

Juice Plus was just another product created under NSA back in the early 90’s. This was the beginning of a product dealing with nutrition that wasn’t related to the other products. Juice Plus is actually manufactured by a third company known as “National Alternatives International or (NAI).” Juice Plus grew rather large and became an opportunity for MLMers.

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Are Juice Plus Products Worth Their Price?

My opinion is that the products associated with Juice Plus are a bit on the expensive side. Of course there are members who do make money with it, but it all depends on how much work and money you are willing to invest in Juice Plus.

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There are quite a few members who wonder if Juice Plus is a scam. The fact of the matter is that it will cost you about $116 each month. I think this is a lot of money for supplements, don’t you? It’s your responsibility to purchase your own supplies, and then supplies for your sales, and along with that paying for your membership fees.

The low commissions aren’t worth the price you pay. You have to be an experienced marketer to sell enough product to not be in the “red.”

The Juice Plus MLM Opportunity

The Juice Plus Compensation Plan

There are 7 fixed levels and as your sales increase you move up the ladder. But you won’t get penalized and move back down for a lack of sales. Check out the chart below that shows the lowest to the highest rank and what the earning possibilities are:

Juice Plus Compensation Plan

How Much Does it Cost to Join Juice Plus ?

Things are constantly changing in this world, but as I am writing this review the cost of joining the franchise of Juice Plus is $50 which is only a one time fee. What the membership includes is their mobile app, a corporate website, & additional materials for marketing.  $70/month of minimum auto-ship requirement is required.


  • Superb Reputation – Juice Plus has been around and well known for about fifty years in the health and industry. This gives them an excellent reputation.
  • Higher Promotion Position – the higher your commissions are.
  • Better Business Bureau – gives Juice Plus an A+ rating.
  • Profit mark-up is between 5-8%.


  • Low commission rate of only 6%
  • High monthly cost
  • Suspicions arise when no income disclosure statements are available (You don’t know how much you can make)
  • Medical claims that are overemphasized from many people taking the products and not having results in regards to weight loss and treating diabetes.
  • Expensive- to buy and to sell. You must order a 4 month supply of a product. It might cost you $300 a month. Consider this before joining Juice Plus.

Recruiting 101

Once you sign up, you become a promoter.

Juice Plus Representatives

You must sell quite a deal of product before you’ll earn any commissions. You will more than likely begin with your family and friends. (As most beginners do) From there on, it’s recruiting, recruiting, and more recruiting. The chances of making big money with Juice Plus are slim to none. You need a TON of recruits in your downline, just like any other MLM program.

Is Juice Plus Worth Joining?

While Juice Plus is not a scam, there’s just too much time, work, and money needed to make any decent size commissions. You must do a lot of marketing after starting recruiting your family and friends. Even with that being said, commission rates are extremely low at 6%.

Can You Make Money with Juice Plus ?

I feel that Juice Plus involves a lot more time and money to be invested in order to be successful.

Watch the Video Below for More Information About Juice Plus:

Final Thoughts

In my Juice Plus MLM Review, I’ve given you all the positives and negatives about the company and opportunity. It’s not a program I would spend my time and money with. There are many other easier ways to make online.

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Juice Plus


Products are Expensive


Requires Extensive Recruiting


Many Tools Included with Membership



  • Better Business Bureau A+ Rating
  • Trustworthy Reputation


  • Low Commission Rate
  • High monthly cost
  • No Income Disclosure Statements
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4 thoughts on “Juice Plus MLM Review”

  1. I admire your honesty and transparency Rob.It’s always good to know what you are getting yourself into before actually starting and I think you have equipped us with the right info to make a conscious decision.

    Personally(and a general tip for online marketers) I try and stay away from MLM’s,simply because they require too much time and effort,especially if the payout is only something like 6%.For me,affiliate marketing is the way to go as you can progress at your own pace with no pressure of constantly trying to recruit people.I would recommend that people read your Wealthy Affiliate review (linked in the conclusion) and maybe look at that as an alternative.thanks.

    • Hi Yahya 🙂

      Thank you so much 🙂 I try and be honest and present a good review on a product such as Juice Plus.

      I’m with you on the not liking MLM companies. There really is way too much time, effort, and money involved to waste for very little if anything in return.

      While the products associated with juice Plus may be very good, the prices and payout plan are not.

      Affiliate marketing such as Wealthy Affiliate is the place to be to making money online. It’s solid and trustworthy with a given track record.

      Thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. Thanks for your comprehensive review of Juice Plus.  Like you I was also graduating the year the company was founded.  I found it absolutely amazing that the company was still around.   I also agree that $116 per month is a little steep to pay for supplements even though I know some who do.  I do appreciate that you thought Juice Plus was not a scam, but then there has to be a better way to make money online.  What would you recommend?

    • Hey Steve,

      Yes this company has been around for quite some time. My main concern is that it costs so much each month and you have to maintain status.

      I’m not a fan of MLM companies because you have to put in a lot of work to recruit others into the company.

      Although I don’t believe it’s a scam, it takes a lot of time and money to make very little money back.

      The better choice to making money online is Wealthy Affiliate!

      I appreciate your comments. Thanks 🙂


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Profiting from MLM is Hard!

The MLM Business is Challenging to Profit From

See How I Earn Commissions from Home While Leaving My Friends Alone