Jaaxy the Keyword Research Tool Review – Proof Jaaxy Works

In the world of online marketing, there’s a lot of competition and in order to make it and become successful, people need to find your website. For example, if you’re in the weight loss niche, it can be extremely difficult to rank for your keywords. You need low hanging fruit keywords that you can get ranked for on the 1st page of Google. You will discover these in my Jaaxy the Keyword Research Tool Review.

Why is Jaaxy the Best Keyword Tool?

You’re not going to get on the 1st page of Google with keywords that have too many competitors. There are other keyword tools online, but Jaaxy is superior and the best there is for ranking for keywords! I’m going to go into great detail with my review of Jaaxy and you will see what I mean! The time you spend on Jaaxy is well worth it because without it, you cannot compete.

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  • Product Tool: Jaaxy
  • Founders and Owners of Wealthy Affiliate.com: Kyle and Carson
  • Price: Join for Free Account: No Cost, Premium Account: $49 Monthly
  • Ratings: 9.8 out of 10

Jaaxy Defined:

Jaaxy is the ultimate tool when it comes to keyword research. In order to be a successful online marketer, it is vital for your business to get traffic and that requires keywords that will rank and get you on the 1st page of Google!

It’s so important to outrank your competition. Jaaxy will provide the stats on any keyword from high competition to low and in between. You want to know what the competition is up to and how you can get better rankings and the best way to accomplish this is to choose low hanging fruit keywords that do not have a ton of competition.

Choosing Your Personal Niche

So this is where you start without a doubt. Spend some time thinking about what you are passionate about and what you know a good deal about. Think hard. Make a list. It doesn’t matter if you have 1 or 20. The important thing is what I just mentioned. What do you really love? Is it a specific hobby? Activity? Sport? Travel? Painting? Clothes?

Which will you Choose Sign

It doesn’t matter. Just take your time because this is a business that you are basing this on. With Jaaxy, you’ll find out exactly where you will start your online business with making money. The key to this business begins with quality keywords. Jaaxy is your beginning and what means the most. Because you don’t want to get this wrong by choosing horrible keywords that don’t rank.

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Next: Pick Your Domain Name

This is the next step after you’ve carefully and done your homework on Jaaxy with your niche. You want to select your domain name. Since Jaaxy is able to help you do this, make sure that the domain name is preferably a “.com” even though there are “.net” and “.org” ‘s too. The domain name you choose should be a low hanging fruit keyword straight up with no dashes or anything in the name. Below is an example:

Jaaxy Keyword Chart

As you can clearly see the keyword and your domain name is available so if making bird houses is your niche, you may want to choose something like this for your domain name.

Find Out How Your Site Ranks

It used to be difficult to find out how and where your site and its’ posts and pages ranked in the search engines such as Google, Yahoo, or Bing. With Site Rank included in Jaaxy, that is no longer an issue. It’s a snap to find where you rank anywhere and what your traffic stats are. Below is another example:

Jaaxy Site Rank Chart

It depends on which Jaaxy package you have as to how many results will appear for your search. There are three different packages to choose from which I will show you in just a bit.

Jaaxy Tools

There are numerous tools in Jaaxy that will help put you a cut above the rest of the competition. No matter which package you choose, you will become an expert at choosing keywords that will get you on the first page of Google. By visiting Jaaxy help, you will have access to 4 video trainings that make your research much easier.

Now the Search Begins…

This is where the nuts and bolts of Jaaxy is located. So we’re going to do a search for “how to build birdhouses” this time and explain in detail what your results are while building your blog and how they help you to rank in the search engines:

Jaaxy Keyword Chart

So this time I used the keyword: “how to build birdhouses”

  • Avg- This is the average number of searches that your low hanging fruit keyword receives each month.
  • Traffic- The number of visits to your website if you reach ranking on the 1st page in the search engines.
  • QSR- This stand for Quoted Search Results and means the number of competing websites ranked in Google for this particular keyword.Traffic Light
  • KQI- Keyword Quality Index indicator ( I call it the “traffic light”) Green is GREAT (go), Yellow is OK (Or caution, middle of the road), Red is Poor (or STOP)
  • SEO- This is the score that is based on your competition and your traffic, so the higher your score is, the higher your chances for ranking for this keyword on the 1st page. Scale of 1-100. 100 or close to it is what to aim for.
  • Domains- These relate to which domains are available for that keyword.

Alphabet Soup (It’s HOT!)

Next step is the alphabet soup search technique. You’ll be amazed at how many keywords you’ll find from A-Z! Now remember, you’ll want to choose a keyword or keywords that have the right numbers. I will explain that after this next screenshot. Let’s start out by trying the keyword: birdhouse

Jaaxy Alphabet Soup Chart

Notice that I highlighted just two keywords in the A-B section of the alphabet. You can click on any of these keywords to find out the stats and also to dig deeper down for that particular keyword. Next I am going to choose the “how to build birdhouses” and see what numbers come up. Check out the next screenshot:

Jaaxy Alphabet Soup Chart

I have pointed out the two keywords and circled the stats for each. I chose these because they are excellent choices for a niche. You’ll notice the first keyword: “how to build birdhouses” gives you a much better chance of getting on the 1st page of Google for that keyword than the 2nd one: “how to build a birdhouse.” Both are great but you want less competition of getting on than 1st page and anything over 100 in the QSR section, I would try and avoid.

Search History

Now you can do this through the entire alphabet and each one you click on can narrow your search down even more. There are endless possibilities. You can add keywords to a list that you name, export, save, or even delete after time. But another excellent features is the “saved history.” As Google and other search engines do, your recent history of searches is saved! Awesome!

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Search Analysis

So below you will your competition and you will see who your competition is on the 1st page of Google! Knowledge is power and you always want to be one up on the competition. These tools are awesome and will give you the edge you need to succeed with your online business with Wealthy Affiliate!

Jaaxy Search Analysis Chart

Affiliate Marketing Programs

Now if you are using Jaaxy for your website in building your business, you may also want affiliate programs for your niche. Don’t leave any money on the table. Now I checked and there are no affiliate programs for birdhouses, but let’s see a few for “learn to play guitar” just to give you an example.

So if your niche was learn to play guitar and you were interested in being an affiliate for the programs listed below, you  would sign up and could represent that product for commissions.

Jaaxy Keyword Example Chart

Brainstorm- Time to Put on Your Thinking Cap

Here’s what’s trending right now:

Trending Chart

Now let’s see what comes up with the guitar search again for brainstorming:

Brainstorming Chart

Notice the section on the right that brainstorms ideas for you! The possibilities are endless. That’s how excellent Jaaxy is!

Jaaxy Membership Options

Jaaxy Membership Options Chart

There are 3 packages above for you to choose from when you click “Get Instant Access” below:

Choose one and you can always change your selection later.

In Conclusion

I’ve had the experience of keyword tools and there isn’t anything that comes close to a premier keyword tool like Jaaxy!  Jaaxy the keyword research tool review has revealed all the benefits you need to get ahead of the competition. The top points of Jaaxy are:

  • Very detailed keyword information about the competition
  • Extremely fast and reliable
  • Not complicated to use at all
  • Results have a huge amount of keywords
  • You can keep digging deeper and deeper
  • Options of saving, exporting, editing, and deleting your lists

Jaaxy is better trusted by many because it was designed, created, and supported by the same group who founded and are the owners of Wealthy Affiliate.

I hope I’ve given you enough information in my Jaaxy the keyword tool review. Jaaxy is the absolute best keyword tool online bar none. Don’t take my word for it. Go test it yourself. If you’re serious about your keywords and your business, Jaaxy is the most important tool you’ll have in your arsenal! Try Jaaxy now by clicking below:


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Learn the 4 Steps to Learn to Work Online From Home. Follow the Guide Step-by-Step. Includes Training, Support, & All The Required Tools to Get Started Online.

42 thoughts on “Jaaxy the Keyword Research Tool Review – Proof Jaaxy Works”

  1. Hello there! This is an amazing review you have got here. I am sure this quality information in this post will be beneficial to anyone who comes across it. I just enjoy using the Jaaxy because It can help you find good keywords to use on your online advertising campaigns, if you plan to advertise on AdWords or any other advertising platform.

    • Hi Joy 🙂

      Thank you! I’ve tried many keyword tools and none comes close to Jaaxy.

      I cannot believe how much it offers and helps! Keywords are so important and Jaaxy does an excellent job of keeping you one up on the competition.

      Long tailed keywords rank better and you can always find the best ones with Jaaxy.

      Appreciate your thoughts. Thanks 🙂

  2. I absolutely LOVE Jaxxy! It is the best keyword tool you could possibly have! I have used many other tools and they are 1 complicated 2. have very little detail and 3. are not worth the money!

    Thank you for breaking it down so well. I even learned a coupe new things!

    • Hi Brianna, 

      I do too! There’s no better keyword tool than Jaaxy. I’ve used keyword tools before but nothing comes close to what Jaaxy offers.

      Jaaxy teaches and shows you just how important long tailed keywords are. Without keywords that rank, you’re not going to rank or get any traffic.

      You can always be one up on the competition with Jaaxy.

      Jaaxy is free with Wealthy Affiliate and the paid versions are even better!

      Thanks for sharing 🙂

  3. That is an amazing write-up and training on the Jaaxy platform.  I’ve been using the program for a while, and I have to say I learned so much from your article.  I didn’t actually know the full power of this program, and I am super excited to try a few of the features you taught on in your post.  I just wanted to pop in and say thank you so much for such a great job describing all the amazing features of the Jaaxy program.  There really is nothing like that out there.

    • Hi Babs 🙂

      I wanted to cover everything about Jaaxy because when you’re building a website and writing articles, you want to rank for the best keyword by getting on the first page of Google.

      There are so many features that will help you in beating out the competition. While there are other keyword tools out there, none can compare to Jaaxy.

      Choosing the right keyword makes all the difference in the world when it comes to being successful with your article and your website.

      I’ve tried other keyword tools and while they may do a good job, they aren’t anywhere close to what Jaaxy provides!

      Appreciate your comments! Thank you 🙂

  4. I am pretty new to using Jaaxy, after reading this I have learned so much. There was so many features that I wasn’t using, but I will now. This really is a great tool for getting one step ahead in the game. Thank you for this information, I will come back to it.

    • Hi Alexandra 🙂

      Jaaxy is an easy keyword tool to use and get used to. 

      Most keyword tools will never offer what Jaaxy does. I could never get traffic to my website without the teachings of Jaaxy.

      They give you plenty of information to help you beat out the competition by using low-hanging keywords.

      If you’re not a member of Wealthy Affiliate, you can still get Jaaxy and it’s worth the money for sure!

      Appreciate your feedback Alexandra! Thank you 🙂

  5. Jaaxy is really a lifesaver when it comes to trying to create keyword rich content. It is such a helpful tool that no one looking to start a successful online business should go without it. I would highly recommend it to anyone. This is a great article giving a complete and thorough overview of Jaaxy! Thanks!

    • Hi Steve 🙂

      You cannot build a successful online business without the proper keywords.

      Once I choose a topic to write about, I turn to Jaaxy to find the best keyword possible that will hopefully get me on the 1st page of Google.

      One of the best tools in Jaaxy is the alphabet soup technique and you can search for a keyword throughout the entire alphabet.

      But you get the average, traffic, QSR, or quoted search results and KQI which is the keyword quality indicator. This will determine for you whether or not you should choose this keyword.

      Jaaxy is without a doubt the best tool online for keywords!

      Thanks for sharing 🙂

  6. Jaaxy is really awesome. I’m using Jaaxy for a while for my affiliate website now. It helps me a lot. It helps identify the best keywords I can use for my content which is really important if you want your article to be ranked high on google. Thank you so much for sharing about this awesome platform to everyone via this article.

    • Hi Sujandar,

      I used to use Wordtracker and some other keyword tools but once Jaaxy came along there was no comparison!

      No keyword tool has ever offered all that Jaaxy offers. You can always be one up on the competition with the keywords from Jaaxy.

      It’s best to choose low-hanging keywords and Jaaxy provides all the information you need to get you on the first page of Google.

      Thank you so much for your comments! 🙂

  7. Having joined wealthy affiliate just about a week ago and upgraded to the premium membership I can totally agree with the writer that it is the best in the world in terms of educational resources and tools for setting up a successful online business. 

    jaaxy is one of the awesome tools available to premium members and is usefulness for keyword research and analysis is unfathomable. The education gotten at wealthy affiliate is equivalent to a 3 months certificate program in web design and affiliate marketing Thanks.

    • Wealthy Affiliate offers Jaaxy to premium members and it is worth the price of admission!

      Your online business requires a top notch keyword tool and there is no better than Jaaxy.

      You will be ahead of the competition and have all the best stats on your side!

      If you look for a better keyword tool, you will not find it!

      Thanks for your insights! 🙂

  8. Wonderful review on Jaaxy, and from all indications, you know the inside out of this tool. 

    I use this tool as well, and it’s the only Keyword tool I’ve used ever since I started affiliate marketing. It is self sufficient, and it seems to be the only keyword tool that shows the potential of your keywords when it ranks on the first page?

    By the way I have a question. I used to think that Jaaxy has four price plans? I can see only three mentioned in your article. Am I mistaken?

    This review of Jaaxy was really comprehensive. Great article.

    • Thank you! Yes I do know a lot about Jaaxy.

      I’ve used others before but Jaaxy is the cream of the crop when it comes to keyword tools. It provides all the necessary tools for you to get ahead of the competition.

      Jaaxy only has three plans, yes. No matter which plan you choose, you will come out on top!

      Thank you for your insight!

  9. I really enjoyed your comprehensive review of the Jaaxy Keyword Tool.

    A keyword tool is essential for anyone who wants to write really good content that will get a good ranking in Google, and I totally agree with you that Jaaxy is definitely the very best Keyword tool that you can find.

    I have been using Jaaxy for a while and I can endorse your opinion about the great features that you can find there. You have described those features really well, so there is no need for me to mention the individual features.

    I believe that when you join Wealthy Affiliate to get their first-rate training, you are automatically given access to Jaaxy, is that correct?

    Many thanks for your recommendation, which should be of great interest to all bloggers and Online Marketers.

    Chrissie 🙂

    • Hey Chrissie,

      Thank you! I remember using other keyword tools years ago such as Wordtracker. Good enough tool but no match for Jaaxy.

      When I first saw Jaaxy, I couldn’t believe how much information you get when searching for keywords. It digs down deep and gives you the numbers for that keyword.

      It’s so important to get low hanging keywords with enough traffic and no competition.

      Joining Wealthy Affiliate gives you this tool for free but in any event Jaaxy is worth it, totally!

      Thanks for sharing 🙂

  10. Hi, 

    Thanks very much for taking the time to write a review on Jaaxy. I have heard of it, however have not ventured much into it since I use other keyword planner tools. 

    From what you’ve written, it looks like it is a complete package keyword research tool. I particularly like the look of Alphabet Soup, as coming up with keywords to write about can be tough!

    Have you use other keyword research platforms? How does Jaaxy compare to those?



    • Hi Shane,

      I have to tell you that I used Wordtracker and others in the past and they worked well. But they are nothing close to what Jaaxy provides.

      Jaaxy is free with Wealthy Affiliate unless you upgrade but the free plan works awesome for me!

      It digs deep, provides the alphabet soup technique, the searches, traffic, QSR, and domains just to name a few.

      I love searching for low hanging keywords and saving the stats. It’s the only keyword tool to use for your articles and website.

      Not one keyword tool can match Jaaxy!

      Thank you for your insights!

  11. I have used Jaaxy before but only used the 30 free searches so I know the huge benefits that it has to help get my content on page 1 of the search engines. I was actually jumping from review to review of Jaaxy to see if there was anyone giving out free codes for more free searches as I can’t commit to a monthly subscription with them.

    Do you know of a  way to get more searches for free or is there any other keyword research tool out there that has the same impact on results as Jaaxy has?

    Thanks if you can help

    • Hi Matthew,

      I used the 30 free searches in the beginning before I went premium and once I did that Jaaxy was free. At least the one I chose is.

      I wasn’t aware of a free code Matthew. If I was I’d give it to you.

      As far as I’m concerned it’s impossible to build this online business without Jaaxy. Are there other keyword tools? Yes, but they don’t have the tools and power that Jaaxy does.

      I’ve never seen a powerful keyword tool like Jaaxy before. It makes a difference.

      Sorry I couldn’t help you more. Thanks for your insight!

  12. Hey Rob,

    Awesome round up on Jaaxy! I have been using Jaaxy for 3 years now and I can give testament to what you have said here.

    My only criticism would be it seems to be based on the American google search engine. However, that said America is a big place so its ideal

    • Hey Steven,
      I don’t see how anyone trying to build a business could succeed as easy without using Jaaxy.
      And the training for Jaaxy is outstanding. It’s an awesome tool and very necessary to build your online business.
      What a way to stay ahead of the competition, huh?
      Choose the right keywords and your website will prosper! Thanks for sharing 🙂

    • Jaaxy provides more research information than anything I’ve ever come across.
      I can understand why too, because getting the right keywords is absolutely crucial to the success of your business.
      Jaaxy is the fuel for your business engine! Thanks 🙂

  13. I have Jaaxy myself, and I would not use any other tool. When I have posts I know I want to start, I head there first to come up with my post titles. I usually rely on the QSR and KQI, as well as the SEO. Are those the three numbers you look at as well? I always make sure the SEO is above 90 (preferably above 95%), and then secondly look at the other two. Is this correct?

    • Jaaxy is the only keyword tool to use. It is far superior to any other tool out there. I do the same as you do with the keyword search. The QSR, KQI, and SEO. I also don’t take any keywords unless the traffic is at least 70 or so searches per month.
      Getting as close to 100 as possible for SEO is optimal.
      Jaaxy is a step above all the competition which is what you want to with your keywords. Thank you for sharing 🙂

  14. What a detailed review. Thank you for so much information about Jaaxy.
    I have never come across a research tool that can do everything that you have described here. To not only be able to find good keywords, check the rank of your site, but to also see WHO the competition is, that is just awesome.
    I think Jaaxy will be the tool for anyone wanting to start an online business.
    Thank you. This will definitely be very usefull.

    • Hey Lee Ann 🙂 Thank you so much! This is absolutely the best keyword research tool I’ve ever come across.
      You need to be one up on the competition and Jaaxy just provides all the material you need to be successful.
      Knowing where you will rank and getting on the first page of Google are the goals.
      Thank you for your insight 🙂

  15. Wonderful review on Jaaxy! I have been using the free version for over a year and find it so useful! My only problem is that all of my keywords get so little traffic. I was wondering what the differences were in the Pro and Enterprise packages? Thank you for the reminder of the other features that I have not yet mastered!

    • Hi Colleen 🙂 Thank you! You get more search results, unlimited search history, 2K and 10K SiteRank Analysis Scans, alphabet 15 and 30 letters and more.
      I have the same issue as far as keywords getting little traffic but that’s the point because when you get to the 1st page of Google you will have little or no competition. And eventually the traffic numbers will grow for that particular keyword!
      Thanks for your insight 🙂

  16. Hi Rob,
    Wow, what a great, in-depth review of JAAXY! I really enjoyed how you walked us step-by-step through the process of finding low hanging fruit keywords, as well as teaching us what each function can do from Alphabet Soup to the Affiliate Programs. This is great content!! Thumbs up!?

    • Hi Ilee 🙂 I love Jaaxy and one of the reasons is that I’ve tried every keyword tool out there and nothing can compare to Jaaxy.
      I write every one of my posts based on low hanging fruit keywords. While you won’t get as much traffic, at least in the beginning, eventually you will have quality traffic and get on the 1st page of Google.
      The Alphabet Soup is so awesome! There are zillions of keywords you can find. Thank you for your comments! 🙂

  17. Hi Rob. Thanks for that lesson on Jaaxy. I have been using Jaaxy within Wealthy Affiliate now for one year, but it is always good to get a refresher. Jaaxy is absolutely essential for building a website, and there is none better out there.

    I now have 14 posts that rank on page one, and one is page one, number one. All thanks to Jaaxy.

    It is the first research to do when writing a new post. You can write a fantastic post, but if nobody finds it, it is all wasted. Thanks for a great post.

    • Hey Greg, You’re welcome. Yes Jaaxy is an essential tool in building your business and being successful. I’ve used keyword tools before and nothing comes close to Jaaxy.

      I couldn’t agree more than when writing a post, if it doesn’t get to page one you’re wasting your time. So content may be king, but keywords are the queen! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  18. From what I understand traffic is so important to be able to make any money or get any returns on your efforts.  I also understand that in order to make money sometimes you need to spend money.  I have no problem spending money if it makes sense for my business.  There are a few free keyword tools out there and of course Google so could you please briefly help me understand the benefits of paying for a tool like this.

    • He Dale, Yes traffic is the lifeblood of your online business. And it’s always said that you have to spend money to make money. The little money that Jaaxy costs is well worth it because the free keyword tools will not provide anything close to what Jaaxy provides. 

      I’ve used the free keyword tools before and remember, you get what you pay for. In my opinion, without a program such as Jaaxy, the chances of your business being successful and in a reasonable amount of time are slim to none. I hope this helps. Thanks for your insight!

  19. Hello, I am familiar with JAAXY but I do have a question. Once you get going with this software how do you check the status of your articles? Does JAAXY have a function to monitor where your blog post is ranking because I can never tell where my post rank. I think it would be helpful to see if your post are ranking. Does JAAXY have anything for this?

    • Hi Kelly! You can check the status of your articles in site rank. But you must have the Pro or Enterprise package to show more results for your keywords to show more. In the Starter version you only get a few showing so if you’re not on the 1st page of Google it won’t show with this package. I hope this helps! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  20. Great review on Jaaxy, Rob, and I agree with you Jaaxy is the best on the web today. Because of all the options, you have to use it for. I think it amazing for checking to see how your articles are ranked so easy to do and you get to see who you are competing with really nice.

    • Hey Fred, I don’t think I could have presented the Jaaxy keyword tool any better. It speaks for itself. This is an absolute MUST for anyone starting an online business. Keywords get you traffic, at least the right ones through Jaaxy do!
      Jaaxy is so valuable and is your best tool in your arsenal to building a profitable business!
      Thanks for your comments!


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