Is Inbox Dollars Legitimate?

Would you like to know how you can earn from InboxDollars? Is inbox dollars legitimate?A large number of  individuals would love to know. The general population who are from InboxDollars may likewise have a few questions about how to earn from it. Here you can get all your questions answered.

What’s the Truth about Inbox Dollars?

Dollars and Cents

As per the organization’s website, it has a great many dynamic people utilizing the website. Since 2006, it has paid over $25 million to individuals by checking through its auxiliary SendEarnings (propelled in 2005).

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Benefits and development have happened inconsistently since beginning with the organization spreading out to the UK with its InboxPounds benefit in 2012. Today it has more than 30 representatives.

After InboxDollars procured SendEarnings in 2005, another holding organization – CotterWeb Enterprises Inc – has since claimed and worked the two elements. InboxDollars likewise earned DailyRewards, a Canadian organization, in 2014. The organization has some corporate relationship with vast organizations like eBay,, Netflix, Target, H&R Block, Walmart and PCH (Publisher’s Clearing House).

What is InboxDollars?

InboxDollars is an online business website that pays you for taking surveys, watches recordings, perusing emails, looks through the web, and so forth.

As you’re reading this, you can have some questions in your mind about “it is a scam or legit?”

If it’s legit, then how do you get the benefits? I can answer that.

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How might you earn cash from InboxDollars?

It is a free site to join. They give some underlying welcome join reward worth of $5. Presently, you can begin to earn more money by taking the different surveys or some other exercises. I will provide the five most ideal ways to earn cash from it. Every dollar counts!

Reading E-mails:

It is the simplest method to perform with InboxDollars. Once you are signed up, you get emails that show you the details of product offers; movie ticket offers or any services. What do you need to do? Well! You only have to click the link at the bottom of an email. This affirms that you have gone through the mail. Now you will get some reward cash added to your wallet.

Note: It isn’t essential to purchase the item that’s offered in the mail. If you feel that the item is required, at that point, you can likewise get it. Obviously, this gives you extra pay.

Surfing the Web:

You can get cash for downloading InboxDollars toolbar worth of $1. This enables you to seek something  that pays $0.01 every day to the limit of $0.05.Nickel

You may imagine this is negligible money for compensation, however, trust me that it obviously isn’t. Consistently, we scan for something on the web. If we use it through InboxDollars, you can earn more in your pocket.

Watch Videos:

In some cases, we may feel exhausted from constantly viewing videos. You can make utilization of an opportunity of watching short videos on InboxDollars site. You can earn up to $o.06 for each video. Each time they post different videos for you, that’s what you’ll earn. This may take some time to organize. However, it is commendable.

Take Part in Surveys:

You can take up a survey on websites, and you can earn up to $10 for your efforts. The server can send you payment using email.

Check Out a 100% Offer:

You can browse some new items on the site with no Visa prerequisite and no down payment option. This will result in you earning between $0.25 – $3.

I realize everybody some work in our day to day life. But you can make use of this inbox dollars site. If you get exhausted in one action, you can switch another activity. For instance, you can take ten surveys, two videos, or three options mixed.

Aside from this, you can earn cash through coupons, play diversions, shopping cashback and referring friends.

How Will You Get Paid by InboxDollars?

They will pay you once you achieve the reward of $30. The payment procedure is classified into two ways.

  1. If you were a gold part, it would be handled inside multi-week.
  2. Otherwise, it will take around about fourteen days to process your payment.

You might be questioning about “how to wind up a gold part?”

After accepting your money first time, your record consequently changed to gold. From that minute on, you will get an additional advantage like more Loyalty Reward, referral rewards, quicker payment, and so on.

They Pay You Using Check or Visa CardCredit Cards

Is there any qualification criteria in InboxDollars?

Indeed, your age must be higher than 18 years.

Upsides and downsides of Inboxdollars:


  1. Give free join process; you are not required to pay any additional sum for joining or some other technique.
  2. A few highlights are one of a kind in inbox dollar.
  3. Surveys are sent through email.
  4. It has an A+ rating in shaper web.
  5. You can earn by referring friends and family.

A few websites, like eBay, will pay you as much as $6 to join to their locales and place offers. Another website,, will pay you as much as $10 for agreeing to accept their free preliminary program. In any case, with the last mentioned, if you don’t drop the free preliminary before the lapse, at that point, you will be charged month to month for their applications (on account of Stamps, its $15.99 every month).

A few highlights of InboxDollars are special and not found on other paid-survey websites. Aside from the typical payment or survey taking, the website additionally empowers individuals to reading emails, agree to accept corporate offers, watch recordings, play amusements and by and large surf the web to earn pay.

(For the record, InboxDollars isn’t the main website that will pay you for playing diversions and surfing the web. Swagbucks is by, and widely viewed as the best in the business when it goes to that sort of free cash.

These strategies are for sure less tedious, dull and invigorating contrasted with simply topping off irregular surveys throughout the day. Few users (mainly “premium” individuals) have referenced how they got cash from InboxDollars on referrals from offers. Furthermore, a few individuals have likewise expressed how they earned more cash from InboxDollars’ “qualified surveys” and different highlights.


  1. Getting $30 compensate in the delayed procedure. That implies you require some tolerance to get paid.
  2. As long as you are aware of this you will get the amount quicker. Otherwise your patience will wear thin waiting around.
  3. A specific survey will give you a lower rate.
  4. A few protests have been neglected to fix by the company.
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Protests Against InboxDollars

Scanning emails gives a small pay off with just $0.01-$0.10 for each email. Different payments incorporate doing web searches ($0.01) and signing in ($0.02). Numerous users have referenced how in the wake of sharing in a survey for quite a while, simply sooner or later (around 5-10 minutes) were they notified that they “didn’t qualify” for the survey and consequently their records couldn’t be credited for taking up the survey.

Also, some surveys are incredibly protracted, taking upwards of 30 minutes or more for small payments of just $0.12. Some previous users have been disgruntled in how in the wake of reading and sharing in a few offers, their endeavors were not credited to their records – denying them of the payments they received from them.

Few users have likewise griped how after playing a long time of amusements on destinations like Winster, their records were not credited, and after reaching InboxDollars’ client bolster, were informed that “it isn’t the organization’s obligation to decide to play time however the duty of their accomplices.” Some users have censured how in the wake of being idle at InboxDollars for half a month or a month, their records were suspended, and they were never again ready to get paid emails.

FAQ’s and Consistency

How would you reactivate an Inbox Dollars account?

In the login page, you have sent another enactment email. The page moreover comprises of learning a more connection alternative. The directions are given in the connection to reactivate your record.

If you have met any issue inactivation, you can connect,

Significant Consistence Against InboxDollars:

The general population complains that a survey has taken 5 to 10 minutes additionally. Indeed, even after finishing that survey, a message gets showed “You are not qualified for the survey.” They didn’t pay any credit for that survey.

A portion of the general population feels that the prices are low for a survey.

The majority of videos takes 30 to 40 minutes to get total just for $0.12 cents.

In Conclusion

Inboxdollars was begun once again 2000 from since it is the exact great reward club that pays you for your work.

Some previous usernames claim that it is a scam. Our group certainly can’t help contradicting this one. Since it’s anything but a scam, it is a legitimate one.

The main thing it requires a ton of investment and vitality to profit from it.

Our survey in gives a rating grant to InboxDollars of 2.5 out of 5 stars.

Is inbox dollars legitimate? Yes it is, but my recommendation for InboxDollars is that it is not worth the time to put in for the little money you will earn.

There’s no better way to make money online than my #1 recommendation. Check out the comparison tale below:

Inbox Dollars vs Wealthy Affiliate

So how does Inbox Dollars compare to my #1 recommended program “Wealthy Affiliate?” Check out the the comparison table below and conclude for yourself:



Inbox Dollars


Over the shoulder easy to absorb video lessons


No paid traffic


Convenient customer support

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14 thoughts on “Is Inbox Dollars Legitimate?”

  1. As you have presented in this review Inbox Dollars offers amount similar to Adsense since I had been receiving $0.01 to $0.02 by Adsense placing ads to my websites.

    It’s really time-consuming if you devote your time in that kind of company and you earn that little amount it will wear your patience. The only good thing is that Adsense is free and with the potential to increase depending on traffic.

    Reading emails is time-consuming and if you invest your time in just reading with that $0.02 you will lose the opportunities for other important that offers more value in a lesser time.

    I would not go for Inbox Dollars, I would rather develop my online business with Wealthy Affiliate as my web host.

    • I totally agree! I wanted to point out everything about InboxDollars both pro and con.

      While it’s not hard to do in making money, the time invested isn’t worth the payout.

      Anyone can do it, but I’m not sure that anyone is willing to work for such low pay!

      And it’s no comparison to Wealthy Affiliate that can change your life for good!

      Thanks for your feedback! 🙂

  2. I agree!  

    Programs like Inbox Dollars are interesting to look at initially, especially when you’re new to looking for means to generate an income online.  But the time taken to build up any decent payout is too time consuming.  

    You can instead put your efforts towards a better, more sustainable and more fulfilling platform like Wealthy Affiliate; which gets you started in building a proper income that grows with each act you do – not a one-time earning like Inbox Dollars.

    Thank you for the review on Inbox Dollars.

    • InboxDollars isn’t hard to do and anyone can do the tasks but the payout for the time you spend is ridiculous!

      It does take so much time to get any kind of decent money back. I cannot understand how any program could pay so little.

      But I prefer Wealthy Affiliate because you can make life changing money and get trained in how to do it.

      And you’ll spend a lot less time and make so much more money with Wealthy Affiliate than you ever could with InboxDollars!

      Thanks for your input! 🙂

  3. inbox dollar was among the first sites I came across while surfing the internet for ways to make money online, I registered with them and they do for real give a sign-up bonus (5$) which is also cool but what I don’t like about them is the little commission you get for spending more than 20 minutes completing just one survey for 0.12 cent, though this site is legit but it’s an absolute NO for me. 

    • Hey Seun,

      Can you believe that you get suckered in with a $5 sign up bonus? You know how long it would take you to earn that $5 with Inbox Dollars? Forget it!

      Time is money. But this time isn’t getting “my time” and they can keep their money or should I say cents?

      How can any company pay less than minimum wage today?

      Wealthy Affiliate is a legitimate company that teaches you how to build an empire! It’s an opportunity that shouldn’t be passed up!

      I’m so glad I joined. I get to write about my passions and make money too!

      I appreciate your comments! Thank you 🙂

  4. These survey opportunities are really bizarre to me. Who would want to spend 30 to 40 minutes to earn a measly 12 cents? I just feel that there are way better ways to make money online. Even if the other ways mean working for “free” for a bit until you start earning commissions, in the long run you’re way ahead with programs like affiliate marketing, etc. Nice thorough review of this platform. It seemed shady to me and while the points you’ve brought to light confirm that it’s legitimate, they also confirm what I was feeling about it not being worth it. Thank you.

    • Hey Eric,

      I couldn’t agree with you more! It’s absurd that a company sets up something like this where you basically make no money for a lot of your time.

      Inbox Dollars is putting dollars in the box of the company and not you!

      Wealthy Affiliate teaches you just how to build an online business that if done correctly will pay you month after month for the rest of your life.

      I always do my homework and Inbox Dollars gets an “F!” Wealthy Affiliate gets an “A+!”

      Thank you for your thoughts 🙂

  5. That was an interesting read, thanks. I can see how it would be tempting to join a program such as inbox dollars as the cash reward is pretty much instant, but I know for me it wouldn’t be worth my time. I’d been researching ways to make money online when I came across your site, and I have to agree with you when you say Wealthy Affiliate is the best way. It may be hard work and a long time to see a pay off, but I think in the long run people can make more money and have more control via Wealthy Affiliate than these marketing clicking schemes.

    • Hey Emily 🙂

      Inbox Dollars is instant but not instant enough to get paid so little for such an enormous amount of time.

      I wouldn’t mind as much if some of the tasks took less time and paid a lot more.

      But the fact is that you can make minimum wage doing something else and do better than Inbox Dollars!

      Wealthy Affiliate is a game changer! You can join for free and have the opportunity to build a website about your passion and turn it into a very lucrative business!

      Thank you for sharing! 🙂

  6. I have used InboxDollars before and I know it is not a scam but at the same time it doesn’t pay me enough. I had to go through a lot of work to earn so much little in this platform and this article proves my point for that.

    I looked up about your number 1 recommended affiliate program “Wealthy Affiliate”, it looks like an amazing place to start up with the affiliate business. I can’t wait to try it out.

    Thank you for sharing this article. 

    • Hey Sujander,

      My reason for writing a review about InboxDollars was to show that it is not a scam and that it it legitimate.

      I do agree that there is a lot of sweat equity and time required and the result is very little money.

      I’m not really sure who would want to work so many hours for so little pay.

      But I do stick to my recommendation of Wealthy Affiliate because this is a program where you may work very hard but the payoff will be awesome!

      Thank you for your feedback! 🙂

  7. Very nice website and honest. Me myself is a member of Wealthy Affiliate and it is really great

    What is your theme called by the way? and what is it called, the place where the nice picture with the forest. because i also want a picture like that on my own website but with a combat sport picture.

    The topic is really nice and i hope you will be successful and that you are regenerate traffic to your website

    • Hey Albin,

      Thank you so much for saying! I wanted folks to know that InboxDollars is just not worth your time.

      It’s another program that seems to promise everything and won’t deliver.

      Wealthy Affiliate is the only place to build an online business and become successful.

      This is a wonderful experience and a life changer.

      I thank you for your comments!


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