How to Make Money Selling Essential Oils Online – Let’s See

Just how popular is Essential Oils today? It is extremely popular and growing every day. Do you want to know How to Make Money Selling Essential Oils Online? This can be a very lucrative business because people are just buying essential oils left and right these days.

There are many different things that essential oils can do for you from treating ailments to enhancing your mood. I cannot believe how far essential oils have come. I use them every day for one ailment or another.

I never heard of essential oils much years ago. But now it’s a different scenario for sure. And there are so many essential oils that I can’t even count. What I do is research and then some. When I am comfortable and feel good about an oil, I’ll give it a try and I have had success most of the time.

But what we want to know is if there is a market for them first of all and can you make money with essential oils. So, I am going to start with searches in the essential oil niche and provide you with the results, okay?

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Let your interest for essential oils be your guide to building a website and making money with essential oils affiliate links inserted in your articles. Take your passion for essential oils and turn it into a full time income. I will reveal how you can do this for real.

It starts then with a website and affiliate programs and different ways to sell essential oils online. You start by building an entire website around the essential oils niche. With essential oils, you will never run out of topics to write about and promote. It’s should be clear that essential oils are doing more and becoming more popular and this opens up the door for you to making money.

Let’s Begin

The first thing that we need to do is to determine if there truly is a market for the essential oils industry. I’ve already searched so I will show you the results.

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We’re going to search for essential oils on Google and see what comes up. There are many essential oils programs and products that you can promote. So let’s dive right in and explore.

Let’s begin our search now:

What are People Looking for when it comes to Essential Oils?

I’d like to begin by showing you the numbers in the essential oils products niche:

Number of Monthly Searches

The key here is to see just how the essential oils market is viable. We’re going to check two different avenues when it comes to essential oils products. The necessary tool that you need is a great keyword tool. I just happen to have the best keyword tool and it’s called Jaaxy! All you have to do is type in the keywords that are the best in your niche. Let’s start out with a search of “essential oils“:

Essential Oils Jaaxy Search

68529 is an huge number of searches for essential oils. There’s a lot of other articles you can write for your website about when it comes to essential oils products. So, we know that “essential oils” itself is a great keyword. Your niche would be essential oils and this article is about “essential oils.” Perfect. Let’s try another more broad keyword, okay? Let’s try “pure essential oils“:

Pure Essential Oils Jaaxy Search

Still a lot of searches per month with pure essential oils 1037! That’s how many people are searching for “pure essential oils” and that is exactly the type of numbers you want to see come up! The possibilities here in this niche for pure essential oils are endless.

And once you start using Jaaxy (the best keyword searcher out there) you will be able to find an excellent choice of keywords in the pure essential oils niche that you can rank for. Jaaxy really works!

There is a wide variety of other things you can sell on your website about essential oils. These numbers so far are perfect to rank for and get traffic and sales as well. You can search for essential oils, pure essential oils, aromatherapy essential oils, and the list is endless. Just keep searching and you’ll see. Once you have the right keywords, you’ll be well on your way to success in your online essential oils business.

Google Search Trends

It’s important to know that the feature of your niche selection and online sales and the interest in them is continued consistently. In order to get a better awareness of how searches for the essential oils related products are trending online, let’s check it out with “essential oils” first:

Essential Oils Google Search Trends

So, it is apparent that there is interest in our niche with essential oils with the graph showing that they are fairly steady over the time period. It appears that there are an equal number of rises as there are dips in the graph above.

Let’s compare this to: Pure Essential Oils:

Pure Essential Oils Google Search Trends

There are certain times of the year for pure essential oils when interest is higher than other times such as holidays. Since there is nothing showing up that’s out of the ordinary, I see nothing but a positive opportunity for this essential oils niche! 

What is Our Niche?

Now we are at the part of where we can really examine the possibilities of just how many different niches there are in the essential oils industry. Here’s your chance to decide exactly where you’d like to go with your online business dealing in the essential oils niche. Would you like your entire website to be just about essential oils in general or dig deeper down and cover more specific areas of the essential oils niche?

There are different ways you can choose to go with this. So let me just give you a few ideas that I can think of right off the bat. You can do whatever you would like to do because the essential oils niche is so widespread. Here’s a few examples of what I mean:

Essential Oils:

CinnamonMyrrhThyme Essential Oil
ClovePeppermint OilYlang Ylang Essential Oil
CorianderEucalyptus OilOcotea Oil
Lavender OilBlack PepperVetiver Essential Oil
Black Cumin Seed OilHelichrysum Oil & GrapefruitGeranium Oil
Lemon Balm OilBasilFenugreek Oil
Davana OilMarjoram OilCypress Essential Oil

These are just a short list for you. Trust me, there are many more sub-niches you could choose from. All you need to do here is to help people with information who are actively searching to buy in your particular niche. It’s vital when providing your information that you zero in on exactly what your prospective buyers are looking for.

Essential Oils

It’s better to get into the head of the prospective buyer so you provide the correct information at first that is not too widespread. The goal here is to have your buyers trust you in knowing that you are the expert here and that it’s a better choice to purchase from you as opposed to a brick and mortar selling the same product. Adding more content later on may be a better option than writing too much the first time.

So now you know that you must be trying to pinpoint your niche so that it is much more targeted. Think about these questions in your mind:

  • Resolve – Can what you’re doing actually help people who are searching to resolve their problems in the first place? People surf the internet to rectify their problems. Can you provide the answers?
  • You chose this particular topic. It was your choice because of one of two reasons or both. It is something you love and/or you know a great deal about. Don’t waste your time otherwise. Quality content is king. People will see right through you if you don’t provide content that is sound and logical and solves their problems.

Let’s explore this some more by talking about the problem solving elements of your niche selection.

If you have a particular niche that you’d like to write about, then enter your keywords by clicking HERE to check out what the numbers are about your ideas.

What Problem is Being Solved?

You’ve chosen this particular niche because you’ve got a big interest in it and you may or may not know what you’re attempting to sell to your audience. While there are many products in your niche, you want to present to the readers that each product will help them solve a particular problem that they are having.

Between your strong interest of the product and your knowledge of how that product is a “must have” for the person, (in this case it’s essential oils) then you have a baseline or starting point for your niche.

It’s an excellent idea to think like the buyer looking for the solution to their issue. What would you do? How would you search for a way to solve your problem? So let’s see an example about someone looking to solve a problem in the essential oils niche, okay?

A- One choice may be someone looking for an essential oil to treat their skin. They may need guidance in purchasing this and that’s where you come in. It’s up to you to guide them with purchasing the specific essential oil they are in need of.

B- Another example may be that people may not be sure what they are looking for. It’s your job to help guide them in the right direction. Maybe they need an essential oil to treat numbness in their feet. You can guide them in the right directions.

So now you have two examples of what people are searching for and what you have to do to help them out. Your article and website are the answers to their problems and that’s what makes sales. Do this the right way and you will have a profitable online business.

Tip for the day: Do not attempt to find and present each and very possible problem in the very beginning. It isn’t necessary because as time goes on and your site grows, there will be additional problems that will arise and you will be able to provide solutions one at a time. Do not try to do everything all at once. It’s best to follow the template and stick with it.

Aromatherapy Essential Oils

Explain how you write reviews and show features of the product that solves the problem.

How to Help Your Audience to Take Out their Credit Cards

Okay, we’re on the journey now. You’ve chosen your niche or are about to choose it. We know it’s a two step process.

1- What the buyer is looking for to solve their problem.

2. We are providing the solution to that problem.

So what else do we want to consider here? How is your specific audience behavior geared toward purchasing online?

The first and foremost thing you must be considering is the specific group of people who are searching for and clicking on your site. For “Essential Oils Products,” it’s obviously people who are looking for products for their interest in essential oils and there are a LOT of them. People love and enjoy essential oils.

There is a wide variety of products when it comes to the essential oils industry. There are going to be people who are looking for products to help solve their problems and make life easier for their taste in essential oils. Since we’ve already determined that the essential oils niche is a viable one, then you will always have material to write about in solving those problems.

What you are looking to do first and foremost is to help people, right? Once you do that, they will trust you and will more than likely buy products from you. And while the reader is searching for one thing, they will come across more products that will offer that they would be interested in.

When you write a sales page to solve a buyer’s problem, you must be zero-in targeted! Let’s go into specifics:

  • How many different essential oils programs are there? It’s important to include all the essential oils programs that you feel are pertinent to the specific essential oils product or products that you are writing about. Make sure you got them all covered.
  • Many essential oils lovers know what they want so you better know it too. Be 100% sure that you provide the answers. Don’t let them arrive at your site and then leave because they couldn’t find what they were looking for and what they really needed.
  • I’m talking about essential oils products in general right now. But you would get into more detail in a specific essential oils niche category.

So the bottom line is, even though we do have buyer behavior on our side, to be successful in selling essential oils online, you must consider the following:

Ways to Sell Essential Oils Online

  • Solve people’s problems without them making a purchase – This is actually the right way to do this. Trust me. If you write your articles in such a way that actually will make it a much simpler experience for your reader to do their research, but purchase somewhere else, then you are solving their problems and helping your readers out. This builds trust! Once they trust you, they will be more apt to come back again and then buy from you. But this will happen even more so if you continue to follow up with additional articles or similar products that they would be interested in!
  • Selling without touching – It’s obvious that selling online does have one distinct disadvantage. We cannot actually touch, feel, or see an actual product. This makes it crucial for you to cover information about the product to put the buyer’s mind at ease. In order to cover the “intangibles” you must do a flawless job to make up for it.
  • Look out into the audience – Gear toward your buyer and not your product. You don’t build a business. You build people and then PEOPLE build the business. Don’t ever forget that. In this case, essential oils is the niche. It’s the person that’s searching for essential oils products that is your most important aspect because they are the business.
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How to Make Money Selling Essential Oils Online – Let’s See

So as we continue down this road in our journey, we now have come to just how we will proceed selling the products that we are promoting. There are several procedures on how we can do this and that is dependent on the particular product that you are promoting. So let’s see:

Affiliate Programs

Companies such as Amazon, Target, Walmart, Ebay, etc. and many others are platforms in the marketplace where affiliate programs are offered to anyone who joins and refers traffic to them. You would do this through affiliate links that are customized for that particular company.

You write about essential oils for your readers and insert links that the reader can click on to purchase from the vendor and you get paid commissions from each sale.

Essential oils products are perfect to sell through affiliate marketing links because you never touch or stock any product. It’s all up to the vendor to handle everything. The customer places their order and the vendor does the rest including sending you your commission.

Searching for and locating affiliate programs is generally not a hard and grueling process task either. To locate them, all that you have to do is type in “essential oils + affiliate programs” into your preferred search engine and for most folks it’s Google:

Essential Oils Google Search

These are just a few of many affiliate programs for essential oils products related niches that you will find on Google. As you perform each search, you will check every program out and discover programs that:

  • Payout adequate commissions.
  • They may have products that are high ticket (much better commissions) that you can promote on the side.
  • Offer decent testimonials which discuss quality of the product and commission offerings.
  • Contain products that are of good quality. It’s important to promote only quality because promoting inferior products will damage your reputation and your brand.
  • Offer excellent customer service and a solid payment structure.
  • Are in direct relation to the problem you are solving in your niche.

In just about every case, you must apply for the program before you are allowed to promote their products. Do not skip over this! If you don’t apply and fill out the necessary information requested, you can be rejected and will not be able to represent their products to earn commissions on. Affiliate programs will generally ask about:

  • The name of your website.
  • What your traffic numbers are.
  • What is the main reason that you want to join. Be honest because just answering that you “want to join and sell something” isn’t going to cut it.
  • What your plan of attack is with promoting their products.

Something that is extremely important is that you must realize that the vendor wants to know why they should put their product in your hands to represent their company. As I said before, you must not promote inferior products. Doing this will bite you in the butt before you even get started.

Make sure that you do your homework first and that it’s a sound product that the customer believes in enough to trust and buy from you. This way it increases the possibility that they will return for repeat and additional purchases.

Websites such as Amazon, Walmart, Target, and Ebay are the most trusted sites out there so that is where to begin first. Do not try any shortcuts. This is your business you’re going to build. Treat it as such. Remember you are not building the business. You are building the people and the people are building the business.


Dropshipping is another way to make money with your products and it takes juggling around with your product prices. Price is huge in this particular niche. Dropshipping mirrors affiliate marketing in that you promote others products and you don’t need to stock or hold any physical products.

Affiliate marketing pays you a specific commission according to the actual price that your vendor has set up. The difference is that you are not managing any sales transactions, or have anything to do with the sale once it’s finalized, or perform any customer service. The biggest difference with dropshipping is that your job is to do the following:

  • Manage your customer service & all of your sales transactions.
  • You can promote your specific product which ever way you think is best. There are many platforms that you can promote with such as Amazon, Walmart, Ebay, or Shopify just to name a few.
  • Ship your final payment and order to the particular wholesaler for packaging and shipping.
  • Start a business relationship with a wholesaler.

First of all, your profit is determined by the distinction of the price that you sold your particular product for and the wholesale cost that’s owed to the owner. There is more than one distinct advantage to choose dropshipping instead of affiliate marketing which would be:

  • The control of the cost and this results in bigger profit margins.
  • Putting items on “sale,” increasing the cost for higher demand items or putting them in group packages,
  • The customer list belongs to you. This also enables you to build an effective email list.

The negative side of dropshipping is much of an increased workload by handling any current customer requirements and handling payments as well.

In order to find dropshipping suppliers online, you look for searches such as “essential oils+ dropshipping programs” into your choice of search engines ( I always choose Google):

Essential Oils Drop shipping Google Search

Note: These results will most likely be based on what your geographical location is.

Based on your search, you can look through and find programs that:

  • Have a good reputation and name. Do your homework and search for what others are saying about them.
  • Provide quick shipping service – A distinct disadvantage with dropshipping when you are dealing with vendors is that the customer is yours and not the vendors, so occasionally shipping priorities are not where they ought to be. Be sure shipping times are understandable and acceptable.
  • Have fees that are acceptable. A small fee is charged by most dropshipping wholesalers for their dropshipping service. Be sure that it is not too high that it reduces your profit margins.
  • Offer only quality products, the same way you do with affiliate marketing. Do not sell inferior products!
  • Offer help and have experience. You don’t want inexperience when you go to process your sales.
  • Will offer dropshipping services – Not every product supplier will offer dropshipping services. This might mean that you need to organize the shipping yourself after it is delivered to you.

Sell your own Essential Oils

Maybe you are talented enough to start your own home-based business by making your own essential oils and there are many promote. Many people have specific talents. These essential oils programs can give you some good ideas.

You can also choose dropshipping or affiliate marketing. (which is my #1 choice) But with dropshipping you could possibly have a great market if you’re willing to spend money upfront. What you do is actually buy the product from a vendor or a wholesaler, apply your individual label, and then put them up for sale on platforms such as Amazon, Target, Etsy, Walmart,etc.

The negative side of dropshipping is that there are upfront costs because you also must manage your own shipments and orders. So I personally, would go with affiliate marketing

So, to find the places to acquire your product, simply do a Google search for “supplier + essential oils programs.”

Essential Oils Suppliers
  • You can sell your products on Shopify
  • YouTube is always a great place to visually present to the public what you are selling. Link your sales with YouTubeadvertising.
  • Grab a booth at a flea market. Display what you have to offer.

How high can you go? As high as you want to! If you stop and think about the best way to present your own essential oils, you can be on the road to a very lucrative business. Get business cards made with your website on it. I will now get into that….building a website!

What You Need to Start Selling Essential Oils 

Once we have everything above mapped or planned out, the next step is to choose and setup the media that we intend to use to sell the product. This will include:

Building a Website About Essential Oils Products

Affiliate marketing can be a very lucrative step in building your online business. In order to start building your website as an affiliate marketer, supplier, or go into dropshipping, you without a doubt will need a website. Why a website you ask? Websites provide solutions for people’s problems through a website containing videos and blog posts.

This procedure is generally straight forward in that you write posts (for here it would be about different essential oils), build your website, and then provide links in your posts so that your readers can read and buy from the relevant materials in the links in your posts.

Once we have all of the above sorted, or at the very least a plan in place, we need to choose and setup the media that we intend to use to sell our product. This can include:

Promote Essential Oils on Social Media

When people are very much into their essential oils today, there is a excellent chance that any essential oils lovers are reading Social media and they are reading up and surfing to learn more about different essential oils products. Social Media is so powerful today that it can reach an enormous amount of people and you can target specific segments if you think about it and pick the right social media platforms.

In relation to various essential oils online, a good platform and wise choice to start with is FaceBook. Here you can talk about your particular items with your targeted audience. You can pinpoint a more targeted audience with specific essential oils and use videos as well to demonstrate.

There are other platforms to consider are YouTube and Instagram. But if you want to set yourself up as being an expert in your the niche, then YouTube and Instagram are your best choices because they will help represent your niche and yourself rather well.

These platforms are awesome for visualization by using pictures and/or videos showing you demonstrating and talking about different essential oils products and what they entail. Once you begin to get a following with these platforms, you will have notoriety and get traffic to your articles and website to start raking in revenue for your hard work. Time and hard work will tell.

Start an Essential Oils Products YouTube Channel

You can start making YouTube videos showing people all about how beneficial essential oils are for you. After all, there are many essential oils lovers around the world.

Join Essential Oils Groups on Social Communities

Social groups are another great way to use as a tool for selling products online. This is an awesome place to find out what problems the members may be having, which products they might be in search of, and what products and info they are seeking. Below is an example of essential oils related FaceBook groups:

Facebook Essential Oils Groups

Note: Because these particular results are most likely based on your geographical location, you may sometimes need to sort through a few pages.

At this point you should be following the identical processes as with affiliate and dropshipping programs so that you can make a decision to determine if they are a good fit for your business plans including:

  • Having a sound delivery and and customer service arrangements.
  • Presenting adequate quality of your product and testimonials that cover your niche.
  • A good relationship to the problems in your niche that you are solving for people.

In addition, you could check out swap meets or flea markets out in your area. These are excellent ways to find and buy your products at decent prices. The fact is that you never can tell, it’s possible that you could even find a solid supplier for sales in the future.

Tip: This technique can be extremely effective in driving online sales and traffic by using the application of more sales methods that are conventional such as and market stalls kiosks etc. Once people get to know you, they will purchase from you there and at that point you can point them toward your website for any future sales.

Please Note: Many groups won’t allow you to promote your sites directly or speak in public. There are ways to communicate with people about your knowledge with your particular niche. This way more likely than not will people will ask you for information directly. So you can at least get something from this by picking up new ways and ideas. You would also be getting feedback from people about their interests and what they may be currently purchasing online.

In Conclusion

So that is How to Make Money Selling Essential Oils Online. My goal was to help you as much as I could in understanding how you can make money online with starting an Essential Oils business. If you need any further help or have any questions, please comment below.

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  1. You have provided some “essential” information regarding essential oils. I appreciate the details you have provided. I began using essential oils several years ago and still use them today for a variety of applications. As you pointed out, there are many ways to promote this type of product. Promoting essential oils on social media makes sense. I have seen them promoted on Instagram where I spend a good bit of time. I appreciate all the various ideas you have presented.

    • Thank you so much and I like your play on words 🙂 there are great many details that you have to go into one providing information about how to make money selling essential oils online.

      There are a great deal of essential oils that you can promote in many different ways that you can promote them online.

      The thing is that you don’t want to put all your eggs in one basket so promoting the products is smart if you spread them out and social media is an excellent way to do that as well.

      I thank you for your comments and I appreciate your time as well 🙂

  2. Hello there! This is an informative article! Affiliate marketing is only something that I discovered just last year. It’s really amazing how many possible niche ideas there are. I am sure there are even new ones that no one has discovered just yet. I haven’t heard too much about drop shipping though but that seems like something I may want to check out in the near future. Thanks for this creating this post!

    • Hi there Mike! Thank you so much. You’re going to love affiliate marketing. It is something that does take time and a lot of hard work but the end result is worth it.

      Essential oils are a huge market today. There are so many different essential oils out there that you can promote and make money from online.

      Yes I agree that there are newer ones that come out every day. But with this article you can learn how to make money selling essential oils online.

      I appreciate your feedback. Thanks so much!


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