GrabGhosted.Com Review – Legitimate or Scam?

GrabGhosted.Com Review– Ghosted is a one-click cloud-based software app that provides you everything you require to make daily affiliate commissions devoid of any prior knowledge required. It is easily accessible from any device. Joining affiliate marketing is the easiest and the simplest way to start earning online. A large number of people are involved in this field. I will share this in my review.

Due to this, the profit from endorsing products by sending traffic directly to affiliate links is now becoming harder than ever. Though, revenue from affiliate promotions involves a lot of handwork and smart strategies.


However, the ghosted app can help you in getting free buyer traffic on your review site or landing page. It is a cloud-based app and contains an accessible dashboard that’s intuitive, newbie-friendly, and simple.

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How does it Work?

Making daily profits with the ghosted app is not a hard job to do. All you need to do is to follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • First of all, enter a keyword into ghosted to involuntarily generate ‘done for you’ click bank review sites. This review site is optimized for social traffic and top SEO rankings. This will help you in making money without any ongoing work
  • After this, the second step is to set off your set. One can get access to the integral FREE Buyer Traffic Attraction System with a simple click

Now your ‘Done For You’ Clickbank Review Site is created and is fully responsive.

Grab Ghosted- Features

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The app is popular among people because of its amazing features. The prominent features of this app are listed below:

  • It is one of the best and the most popular traffic builder apps. The application can also tell you about visitor analytics (i.e. page view, average stay time, unique visitor, average visit, traffic analysis, bounce rate, new & returning visitor, top referrer, country & browser report, content overview, os & device report, and more).

    It also provides information about web analytics i.e. who is data, alexa data, moz check, social media data, google page-rank, ip analysis, search engine index, malware check, and more. It also keeps account of all the necessary SEO tools that might be required i.e. link analysis, auto keyword suggestion, keyword position analysis, page status check, etc.
  • Contains 20+ DFY Templates that are ready to use in any niche
  • No Domain or Hosting is required for it
  • Helps in increasing traffic towards your review site or landing page
  • 20 DFY revenue campaign that is set to be arranged

Step By Step Guide

Here you will get to know how to use the ghosted app in detail. All you need to do is to follow the step-by-step guide and you are done.

Step 1: First of all, login to the website by using your registered account and password. After successful login, you will be provided with open access to the stunning dashboard of the app. You can also found a lot of helping material there i.e. training videos, lectures, etc. Now from the dashboard click on “create review site”. 

Step 2: After this, you need to set a unique name for your campaign. You are also required to create a subdomain name at this point. On the dashboard, you will see a lot of DFY templates in different categories.

All you need to do is to select the template of your choice and proceed further. You can also create a new one according to your choice and requirement from starch.

Step 3: Once you create a review site successfully it will start appearing on the top right corner of your dashboard.

Step 4: After this share the link to get customer attention/traffic towards it. One can make their review site public on different social platforms.

Step 5: One can also add a review to their review site. For that, you need to visit the “reviews” section and click on the “add review” button. Simply fill in all the information and press the save button.

Step 6: There is also an advertisement option on your site. This option provides you a facility to post an Ad image for Advertisements on their review sites with ease.

All this above-mentioned information can help you in managing your review site using ghosted. It’s super easy, and fast. It helps in providing effective results in less time. There are a lot of amazing features present in the application.

While you login to the app for the first time, try to read all the guidelines and watch all the helping material so that you can get information about each and every feature of the app.

This amazing application can be used by everyone. All you need to do is to follow the step-by-step guide. It allows you to get traffic and make money online.

Pros and Cons of Ghosted

Some of the advantages and disadvantages of using this application are as follows:


  • The application contains a simple interface
  • It is easy to use
  • Provides high-class affiliate offers within minutes
  • Provides 100 days money-back guarantee to its customers
  • No technical skills are required to use this application
  • Helps you in setting up a good money-making system for you
  • The application is newbie-friendly


  • There are no major drawbacks of using this app at this time

In Conclusion

Ghosted is a good app that can help in making online income effortlessly. It is an affiliate marketing automation platform that helps in composing, planning, and generating review sites or landing pages for you. It is easy to use and manage. But, below is my #1 recommendation for affiliate marketing and making money online by building an online business.

I have provided you with my Ghosted Review, it’s given you a chance to decide if Ghosted Review is for you or not. The truth is that Wealthy Affiliate is a MUCH better choice! It’s been around for over 15 years and has a proven track record for making money online as an affiliate marketer!

Ghosted vs. Wealthy Affiliate


$12.63 with discount

Most popular traffic builder app


Contains 20+ DFY Templates


It also provides information about web analytics



  • Easy to use
  • The application is newbie-friendly
  • Provides high-class affiliate offers within minutes


  • There are no major drawbacks of using this app at this time
Working Online From HomeStart Your Own Online Business

Learn the 4 Steps to Learn to Work Online From Home. Follow the Guide Step-by-Step. Includes Training, Support, & All The Required Tools to Get Started Online.

6 thoughts on “GrabGhosted.Com Review – Legitimate or Scam?”

  1. When we get started in affiliate marketing we tend to be slow and not very productive. We write 1 article a week and struggle to take care of all the tasks. But as time goes by we find there are several things that could be automated. I think Ghosted could boost my productivity. It’s worth giving it a try.

    • You are absolutely correct. When we begin affiliate marketing it does tend to be on the slower side and not as productive.

      It’s rather difficult trying to write many articles each week because there are a lot of tasks to be done.

      Ghosted is a product that can help boost your productivity and help you with your business.

      But wealthy affiliate will always be the superior product and helping your online business today.

      I would give ghosted a try but still promote wealthy affiliate.

      Thank you for sharing. Have a great day!

  2. I don’t know I am not sold on this GrabGhosted as far as making money. I really don’t see how traffic can be driven to your review site with one simple post. Am I missing something here? Is it through SEO that you gain traffic or by sharing your link on Social Media platforms. Interesting concept I’ll take a look.

    • Hey Dan, i’m not really totally sold on grab ghosted either. There’s always a possibility that you can make money with anything.

      I believe that getting traffic is through sharing your link on social media platforms and through SEO.

      I think that many of these programs may have potential, but nothing is as good and as close as wealthy affiliate is.

      Wealthy affiliate is the absolute best program to make money with and I highly recommend it!

      Thanks for sharing! I appreciate it 🙂

  3. Hi Rob,

    I am thinking of quitting my 9-5 job and venture into Affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing seems like a lucrative way for making fortune on the internet by selling products online. I love that you’ve done great reviews to help many of us out here who are thirsty for such information.GrabGhosted sounds like an awesome tool to help newbies navigate this world.. I may give them a try soon and see how it goes.

    Thanks for sharing this information. I will share it with my friends.



    • Hey Sergej,

      I mean that’s the goal with affiliate marketing. To be able to quit your full-time job and be a success at affiliate marketing.

      Selling other peoples products online is a hard business but very lucrative.

      A program such as ghosted can definitely help you move along on your way to success.

      The more digital products and articles that you have better and faster you will be to an online success.

      And I thank you for sharing this.

      Your comments are very much appreciated! Thank you 🙂


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